Light skinned girls like you. That was the response. And you wonder, what was the reason?


Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing fine. This post is going to address an issue that one netizen raised on an Instagram confession poll. The question posed as follows;

‘What are people so obsessed with but you do not get the point?’

Light skinned women like you, somebody responded.

So here are the reasons as to why people are obsessed.


You are obsessed with light skinned women because of either one or all of these reasons;

  1. Media; Social media has pushed the idea of the light skinned beauty standard so much that it actually got you obsessed.
  2. Self hate; Yes I said it. Sometimes people hate themselves so much that they want nothing to do with anything that reminds them of where they came from, who they are or what they look like.
  3. Proving a point; Some people are so obsessed with light skins and they would do anything to be seen with a light skinned woman so that the society can applaud him for ‘being a bazu.’ They want to tell the society ‘yeah I made it guys’, have you seen who I am with?
  4. Peer pressure; Some squads have a herd mentality. They all want to date and obsess over a similar type of girls. It might be that your squad got you obsessing.
  5. Status; Kenyans such as Kaligraph Jones have pushed the idea that ‘light skinned women are expensive. It is natural for men to obssess and desire to be with a woman that ‘boosts’ their status if you know what I mean. This is somehow related to the ‘bazu’ point. You obsess because you have an incessant need to be seen with a woman who requires a lot and in turn people assume you got something going for yourself.


Honestly, I love it when people state their type and show them love. It only bothers me when they obssess to the detriment of the others. For instance, a man shading a dark skinned lady who rejected him by saying ‘unaringa na vile uko mweusi ungekuwa mweupe je?” demonstrates his frustrations for ‘doing the dark skinned a favour’ because he could not get his real type (light skinned). It also reeks of obsession with light skinned women whom he probably cannot have.

I advise that people go for their type and leave out those who are not your type.

Obsess with grace.

I love you all so much. See you on the next post.


Blogmas Edition! Day 20


Hey everyone. My apologies I am slacking. My mental health has been on the rocks of late and so my level of consistency ha dropped but we move regardless.

So today I just want to ask you guys what you would like to read on the blog. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you at the comment section.

Day 18! Blogmas Edition

Can we be friends?

Hello, everyone I hope you are all doing fine. On this post I am going to write about something that I find very controversial and I would really appreciate if you engage me on your thoughts.

So I heard somebody say that some skinned women cannot be friends with light skinned women because of jealousy. Apparently dark skinned women are always jealous of light skinned women therefore, meaningful relationships cannot be achieved.

On the flip side, some people argue that some light skinned women like being friends with dark skinned women so that they can ‘outshine them and thus boost their self esteem.

I honestly think these are false misconceptions that people use to fuel the toxicity of colorism. I am dark skinned and I have heard and still have light skinned friends whom I really love.

I think friendships based on genuine love and appreciation supersede these standards that people set especially when it comes to girlfriends.

What do you guys think?

See you on the next post. Bye!