Road to 10k, chill with me

I cannot dance lol, so that is the only bad thing about Amapiano!

As an avid Amapiano fan, my parents must be proud of me. Why? You may ask. The real reason is simple. My father loves South African music so much and my mum nicknamed me Jabu and she still calls me Jabu to this day. So their influence really did something. Imagine being raised in a home where Brenda Fassie’s songs were played left right and centre, plus having a South African nick name to match and you end up not loving the music, that would make it at the top of embarrassment galore.

Below is a video of me trying my luck ,singing along to my favorites. I hope you like them as much as I did.

Finally, thanks so much guys, my blog is almost hitting 10k views (on the blog) because of your love and constant support.

See you on my next post. I love you guys so much, sending you love and light.

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