Filters v Colorism

Excuse me, This is not my real face.

I know I am one day late. Please forgive my inconsistency ‘juu ninastruggle’. So, this post is based on what one of my friends asked me to write about. He asked me to write about colorism and filters.


If you have used your phone camera, you have probably come across the filters option. This option is not only tied to the phone default settings. They are also available on almost all applications including the most popular ones; Instagram, Snapchat and whats app.

I really don’t know the specific reason as to why they were created in the first place. I geuss they were meant to help us switch things up, make our pictures look better or maybe make us look prettier, not pretty but you get the point.

My favorite filter is the snapchat flower filter and the dog filter. Feel free to drop your favorite filter on the comment section.


Light skinned women use filters and become lighter. Well now you know.

Most of these filters make dark-skinned women including myself appear shades lighter. Kenyans actually bash dark skinned women who use filters and look lighter in pictures than in person but also bash dark skinned women for posting themselves without filters.

So you can as well use multiple filters in one pic if you want. Do you sis.

In my opinion, I think it is perfectly okay to use filters on pictures. Filters makes everybody look a bit different from their ‘real face’. It is all about the intention of the filter. Even light skinned women use filters and face tune but nobody wants to address that. It is only a problem when a dark skinned woman does it.

Yeah you got it, that is colorism.


If you are a dark skinned lady who uses filter so that you can ‘feel prettier and reach the light skinned standard of beauty’ just take some time to do the work. You can take time to understand and find the root of your thinking. You might ask yourself ‘why do I have the incessant need to look lighter every time I take a picture?

‘Why do I just want to be light skinned ?’ Once you answer this question and the answer sounds like ‘I do not look good enough as a dark skin on pics or I look better with filters because of my skin tone’ then try to be more kind to yourself and cultivate a culture of self love. You might be using them to cover for self hate.

If you use filters just because… or you use filters because they were created so that we can use them….you are good. If you can comfortably take pictures with/without filters or use filters that maintain your skin tone then you are doing just fine. I actually like when filters maintain my dark skin tone but I also like those that do not maintain the dark skin tone . I am just saying.

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