Blogmas Edition! Day 28

Elsa Majimbo and colorism

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Today, I came across some tweets calling out Elsa Majimbo for addressing colorism on Naomi Campbell’s interview. So I decided to write down a commentary on it.

Earlier on, I had a post touching on colorism and Elsa Majimbo. Feel free to check it out.

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Now some Kenyans went ahead and attacked Elsa for addressing colorism on the show. They have compared her to Rono (a popular dark skinned, female Kenyan comedian). Some have compared her sentiments to the colorism Edwin Butita has experienced before, but nobody asked Elsa how colorism affected her career. Nobody asked Elsa how colorism mentally affected her. The Kenyan netizens only cared about the ‘disrespect on an International level’ but ignored the fact that she struggled with colorism.

People just jumped into ‘nobody has ever hinted on colorism about you in this app’ bandwagon. It is very clear that Kenyans hate to admit the fact that colorism is a real problem that should be addressed head on.

It seems Kenyans want Elsa’s approval more than learning from her and analyzing the hurdles she had to deal with (colorism included) before achieving so much. Some are now bashing dark skinned women and calling them ‘churas’ (frogs) because Elsa addressed colorism.

One netizen tried to be funny and stated that Elsa is maybe trying ‘dark humor.’ Kenyans have an ugly habit of demeaning dark skinned women and denying it simultaneously. They make colorist jokes and throw the ‘dark skinned women are so angry and sensitive, kwani hamjui jokes?‘ statement like confetti.

It is 2020 and dark skinned women can tell the difference between a joke and an insult.


Comparing Elsa to Eddy Butita and Rono is pointless. Trying to invalidate her experience with colorism via unsolicited comparisons is a gaslighting technique that needs to be left in 2020.

People should learn to listen to the colorism issues faced by dark skinned women without judging, comparing and or invalidating.

Colorism is real. Stop invalidating this issue.

Bye everyone! I will see you on the next post.

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