Blogmas Edition! Day 27

Betty Bayo and skin bleaching

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. This post shall discuss on whether one should change for the sake of pleasing their romantic partners.

Betty Bayo a Kenyan gospel artist bleached her skin because her then fiancee promised to marry her only if she was ‘rangi ya thao’ which when loosely translated means light skin.

Unfortunately the relationship did not last and she was left with a lot of ‘work to do’ on her skin. I think it must have been very stressful and painful for her.

My opinion

Once a man asks you to bleach yourself for him to love you/marry you/treat you right; That is a big red flaf exposing his colorist self. Do not fall for it.

I don’t think ladies should change their skin tone for anybody not even their ‘lovers’

Colorist partners are toxic. Even after you ‘bleach for them’, they will probably always remind you of how dark you were, how uneven your skin looks or mocjk you for the very decision you took for pleasing them.


In short, just date a person who loves your dark skin and everything about you. Do not change yourself for anyone. You have your dark skin for a reason. Embrace it.

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