Day 17! Blogmas Edition

Corrective promotion for dark skinned women; Matata, Gengetone love

Hello everyone, I hope you are al doing fine. On this post I am just going to share pure excitement.

Everytime I see artists especially artists from my home country (Kenya) promote dark skinned women in a positive and desirable light contrary to presenting them as the butt of the joke, I get very happy.

Matata, a Kenyan musical group (boy band) is particularly great at promoting dark skinned women in a positive light. They do not have dark skinned women appearing in their videos as ‘extras’ or ‘the I am trying too hard’ vixens. They have dark skinned women who are the stars of the videos. I honestly appreciate it.

They actually practice chivalry towards the dark skinned women on their videos. Since our behaviors and habits do not exist in a vacuum, I am pretty sure their videos will influence people to realize that dark skinned women can also be feminine, delicate and worthy of princess treatment.

Below is the video, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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