Day 12! Blogmas Edition

An open letter to dark skinned women

Dear lady,

If you are dark skinned and you have never experienced colorism or you think it is an illusion, then this is not for you. But if you are dark skinned and you have experienced colorism or you have an interest in doing something about it, carry on.

You are dark skinned. You might have stuck out like a sore thumb during the beauty contest auditions. You probably got bullied because you ‘were to dark.’ You probably experienced colorism at the family gathering or saw a colorist comment on a social media platform. Did I mention the fellow colorist dark skinned women and colorist spouses and or lovers? The people who label you talk you out of addressing the issue by labeling you crazy or bitter? I know, it is sad to say the least.

You can choose to heal. Go for therapy. Talk to someone you trust. You can heal. Above all else endeavor to level up. Compete with yourself. Turn your insecurities into strength. Love yourself and walk around knowing that you are powerful and magical. Fake it until you make it. Do what makes you happy. Love and appreciate your skin everyday.

Put down that bleach for a second and reevaluate your decision. If you realize that you want to ‘toa tint’ so that you can seem like ‘umeomoka’ so that you please a society that doesn’t even know what it wants. They will shame you for being dark skinned and shame you more for bleaching. Even so, I believe in freewill and carte blanche. As I would put it colloquially ‘do you sis’, so even if you bleach, please make sure to love yourself mentally so much such that you would be unbothered by society because you changed for your own sake.

If you decide to trash the bleach, congratulations. You are now stepping into your real power. Accepting yourself in a world that constantly tells you otherwise. Is that not power? Take that power and turn it into something beautiful and fulfilling. Uplift a dark skinned sister. Make an impact. Put on that makeup. Wear those heels. Wear your 4c hair in its raw form. Wear bantu knots. Set those standards. Get into that career. Wear that red lippie and do not care about ASAP Rocky’s opinion.

Never stop yourself because ‘dark skinned women doing……look….’. Live your life. No limits. Color your life. Color the world.

Dark skinned women are magic,

Yours sincerely,

Vert Berry

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