Day 3! Blogmas Edition

Hello everyone, sorry I am late. I just had a lot going on today but I still have to post because nothing can stop blogmas.

I recently did a video sharing 5 tips that can help dark skinned women cultivate a culture of self love in their daily loves. One of my favorite self love action is affirming.

Affirmations are very powerful if utilized properly. Below are tips of how I affirm. I hope you find it helpful and please feel free to share with me on how you affirm;

  1. Intention

Every affirmation I make is backed up by a specific intention. I ask myself, why I am affirming this today? A clear intention has proved to be very guiding in my journey.

2. Reflection

Every affirmation I make is a reflection of what I want to become, what I want to improve on and what I desire to change in myself.

3. Gratitude

Every affirmation I make is a thought wrapped with so much gratitude. I affirm with gratitude because every day is a beautiful opportunity to become better and reflect on the past.

4. Love

Every affirmation I make has love in it. It is forgiving and loving, because sometimes checking yourself can bring up certain emotions that can make you feel unforgiving and resentful towards the self. Always remember to love yourself and forgive yourself as you affirm.

5. Truth

Every affirmation I make is based on truth. Am I being true to myself? Is this my truth? These questions help me tailor my affirmations and this has done me so much good.

Why do you affirm? How do you affirm?

That is all I had for this post. Thankyou so much. I will see you on the next post.


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