Growing up with a dark skinned mother

Hello Vert Berry, loves. Today, I am writing a commentary about a video a friend of mine shared with me. I will also share the video and I shall comment particularly on 2;08 to 2;55, where the girl said’ I do not look like my mother, she is DARK SKINNED and I am LIGHT SKINNED and went ahead to say ‘how embarrassing’ it was to have a dark skinned mother. I hope you enjoy this post.

My thoughts;

First, I saw people at the comment sections stating that this video was staged. I do not know how credible this information is (staged/not) but the facts are very relevant to the theme of this blog, that is colorism.

Below are my thoughts;

  1. Dark skinned women with light skinned daughters need to talk to their daughters about colorism.
  2. Light skinned daughters with dark skinned mothers need to be empathetic towards their mothers who might have gone through or still go through colorism.
  3. It is important for children to respect their mothers no matter what their skin tone is.
  4. Colorism stems out of ignorance. Taking a step to educate yourself can help you weed out the ignorance.
  5. Light skinned women who are colorist should stop and ask themselves of the possibility of having dark skinned children especially daughters. They should consider what they would want their children to experience. Colorism in a family? I bet not.
  6. That brings me to my last point, colorism in families exist. It is imperative to have the conversations within the family. I wrote about in and here is the link, you can check it if you never read it;

I was hated for being the darkest child in the family (Maich’s story) – Vert Berry (

Thankyou so much everyone, I will see you in the next post. Oh and I did not post last week so, I will add one more post to make it up because you guys deserve this content. You are the best readers ever.

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