Is she smart?

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing fine. This post is going to address a stereotype that has been very controversial and degrading to say the least. The stereotype impliedly suggests that ‘light skinned women are not intellectually endowed.’ One of my friends who happens to be an avid reader suggested this topic and I am very glad to write about it.

The Stereotype


I honestly do no have a concrete answer as to why people (especially in my country ) think dark skinned girls are smart and light skinned girls are not.

However, I think this notion came about when people started associating physical beauty in women with being ‘airheads.” People attacking light skinned women who take their time to wear makeup and lashes by throwing the ‘the longer the lashes the dumber the lady’ tag. Since the general standard of beauty is light skinned and thick, most ladies in that category are considered as intelligent.

This came about attractive women appearing in advertisements, modelling, ‘getting married for money’ among other things instead of being found in male dominated fields such as engineering or technology. Most of the women who appeared on the ‘pretty jobs that do not require extensive study’ are mostly light skinned and the dark skinned women that are considered smart are also put in the ‘non-attractive dark skinned women’. They are put in the’usimwone hivi, yeye ni engineer’ category whilst the light skinned girl who may be in the same engineering class may be asked’ are you in the right class?’ or she stops being an engineering student and is now the ‘model wa class.’

If you only put that much effort in your education

Another thing is most light skinned women are in tune with thier femininty and this makes people think that they do not value thier education as such but I think this is a misguided notion. There is an aspect of life that is known as balance and women can

Case Example

A perfect case example was demonstrated when (a Kenyan tweeter personality) for lack of a better word attacking a smart light skinned lady ( a Kenyan Youtuber) on national television. The attack was based on her physical appearance vs ‘if she only put that much effort in her education’

Get it together, people can do both! Light skinned ladies, let nobody put you down because they think you are just pretty and have nothing decent upstairs. They are the problem, not you.

Please watch this video and let me know what you think.


Just as beauty has noo skin tone, intellectual endowment has no skin tone too. Alight skinned lady can be smart and beautiful at the same time. It is not rocket science. The stereotype may be there but I know you can do better than judge people from a stereotype especially one that is based on a feature that is ascribed. People who put down light skinned women (especially dark skinned women) by attacking them for wearing makeup, being pretty and assuming that light skinned women are intellectually inferior to them really need to stop.

Side note; Remember Dolly Castro and Lily Ghalichi the CEO of Lily Lashes are both lawyers who pursued other career and they look like this;

See the source image
Dolly Castro
See the source image
Lily Ghalichi, an Attorney and an eyelash entrepreneur

Have a lovely week. See you in the next post.

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