Day 29

Hello loves, today I am sharing with you a list of dark skinned women who inspire me to do my best and they have proven that despite discrimination based on skin tone, dark skin women can achieve their dreams regardless.

I hope you enjoy the post and have a nice day.

  1. Bozoma Saint John

The current Chief Marketing officer at Netflix is such an inspiration. I love how she did not succumb to the pressure to ‘fit in in the beauty standards space’ and still made it. She is the realest boss babe to ever sit on the c suite sections.

See the source image

2. Lupita Nyong’o

I love her so much and the fact that we are both Kenyans makes me believe in my dreams even more.

See the source image

3. Elsa Majimbo

The crisp eating Kenyan comic who got so much backlash for ‘being herself’ inspires me everyday. She does not meet the threshold of beauty standards set by society and Kenyan netizens saw it fit to bully her because of that but guess who is winning despite all the unnecessary hate?

See the source image

Drop a comment about women who inspire you because they stood their ground despite the societal pressure.

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