Day 18

A letter to someone

Hey loves on this post, I am going to write a letter to my future self (10 years from now). I think this is a fun exercise that you should try if you have never tried it.

Dear Vert,

I know you are doing fine. I know you have inspired more women to love the richness of their melanin skin and garnered a good amount of support from the society in terms of helping you materialize your purpose (redefining beauty standards). So far, you are happy, blessed and fulfilled with your life experiences.

I hope you do not succumb to the constant pressure to fit in. I know you only get better and always strive to make mama proud. You probably have a chance to address multitudes just like Chimamanda and Dambisa Moyo. I am sure that your voice is making changes and you shall leave a mark in history. A Ted talk would be perfect (that is if it will be existent then).

I hope you will be in good shape, eating healthy, going to the gym more, slathering your skin with luxurious oils, enjoying mocktails and sunsets by the beach, accessing luxury items, attending Grands prix and just embracing your losses gracefully. Do not forget to tag your besties and sisters during the good and bad times. Your support system is imperative.

I wish you all the best.

Yours faithfully,

Your younger self (10 years ago)

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