Day 3

What is the meaning behind my blog name?

First of all, this blog has two names. The official name is almasiandstyledblog which is hosted by WordPress. The second name is Vert Berry which is what many people refer this blog as (the vert berry blog).

The meaning behind Almasi and styled

Almasi is the swahili word for diamond. I love diamonds not only for their aesthetic value but also how they get better when put under pressure. My journey as a dark skinned woman who was bullied from a young age into the lady I am today resonates with how diamonds get better with pressure. I was pressured by society to become lighter, but the pressure made me a very beautiful human being despite my color, I did not succumb.

Styled’ stands for the fashion aspect of the blog which is currently redundant but I will definitely do something about it.

The meaning of Vert Berry

To begin with, my favorite color is green. Vert is the French version for green and I loved my French lessons when I was younger so I thought, why not? I referred to myself as Vert Berry because it just sounded cool and it had some green in it 😂😂. Did I say Lil Uzi Vert was so popular at the time I completely chose to stick with the Vert? Enyewe watu hutoka mbali to mean people really outgrow things.

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