Colorism in Philippines

‘Negra’ and ‘bruja’ are words that were carelessly thrown at the 24 year old actress by the name Asia Jackson. Her dark skin made her experience so much bullying in Philippines. Other children did not want to play with her and called her maitim just because she was dark skinned. I mean I can only understand how annoying it is when you cannot hold a conversation with anyone without being reminded of how dark you are.

Asia Jackson experienced something that is part of the colorism culture that exists in Philippines.

Here is a picture of Asia Jackson

‘Magandang Morena’ meaning beautiful brown skin was a campaign that aimed at eradicating colorism in Philippines. I loved the movement.

I hope you enjoy this information and spread some love to dark skinned people from Philippines and please watch the above video.

Thanks and enjoy your week. You can also watch my You tube video on self love tips for dark skinned women.

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