Love yours

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and doing fine. On this post, I am going to share about skin bleaching and tanning.

Bullying is commonplace in our society. People bully on so many aspects including genetic predisposition to what you choose to do with it. Girls who get plastic surgery in order to achieve a certain body type are usually body shamed once they get their ‘dream body.’ This is accompanied by bullying before ‘getting their revenge bodies.’

Similarly, dark skinned girls get bullied for being dark skinned and also receive the same treatment when they bleach their skin which is normally referred to as ‘kutoa tint’ in my country. Something is always ready to draw people’s anger on the internet and I think people need to be a bit more patient with others.

I have seen light skinned people tan themselves. Some of them wear foundations darker than their actual skin all in the name of ‘looking prettier’. Some people hate to see it while some people love to see it.

In this regard, people should let others do what they feel is best for them. Personally, I think all women are beautiful despite their skin tone but if a lady wants to bleach or tan, more power to her.

Let us stop bullying dark skinned girls who bleach their skin. Let us stop bullying light skinned girls for tanning. Or maybe we can live by J Cole’s famous words that I really love, ‘love yours.’ Next week I will share my thought on J Cole and colorism.

Let me know what you guys think. Thankyou.


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