Sequel, yes we are angry

Here is a little anecdote to elucidate why we are angry. This is a real life story that a dark skinned lady shared and I think it would be the best example for the purpose of this blog’s theme.

Everything was set. The make-up and fits were absolutely amazing. The fitting room on the other hand was a total mess. You can only imagine the end result of five girls dressing up in one room to go out. After the final makeup touches the Uber guy was ready to pick up the ‘yengs’ and headed straight to the first stop where the ladies went to grab something to eat before proceeding to the club.

Thirty minutes later, the ladies were all full and ready to join the party. The crazy lights, smoky ambience and the typical Kenyan music was all over the place as the ladies made their way in. The left feet dancers, the great dancers, crying alcoholics just to name a few ‘graced’ the vicinity.

The ladies found a place to sit, ordered their drinks and the party was so lit. The DJ was doing it right dropping hit after hit while sprinkling some sing-alongs on just to spice things up. Whilst the enjoyment, guys started coming up to the ladies for a dance. Typical rave things.

Before we delve further into the meat of the story. let us name the characters. Pink, Vibes, Lili, Jojo and Kiks. The highlight of the story is on Pink and Vibes. Pink and Vibes were cousins and the other three ladies were their mutual friends. Pink was an absolutely gorgeous lady . She rocked a pink dress that hugged her voluptuous curves and her light skin made her stand out from her medium brown friends and her dark chocolate cousin.

Vibes sat next to Pink and one of the guys sitting on the next table (let us call him Nasty) liked Pink just like many other guys who for some reason were to ‘shy’ to approach her. Nasty was closest to Vibes and so he tapped her on the shoulder and greeted her (he did this severally). Vibes said hi back and went on minding her own business. Nasty then tapped her again and Vibes asked him what he wanted since it was the logical thing to do. Then this guy started saying ‘I dont even want you, I want your light skinned friend (now pointing at Pink), it is always the light skinned ones (he said this repeatedly),madark skin hamjaweza, kwani ulidhani ni wewe haha na vile uko mweusi no it is your light skinned friend I want.‘ Now this guy is causing a scene and a few people are watching. Vibes in her defense fired back ‘kama unamtaka si umkujie ujitetee kama mwanaume, wewe umeshinda ukiniita na husemi kitu unataka alafu unaanza kunisumbua hapa.’

I am sure people would quickly say Vibes was the ‘typical jealous dark skin who did not want her friend to be admired and be picked.’ However, why would the man not go for Pink straight up or even ask Vibes to switch sitting places with Pink? Why did he have to embarrass the girl and involve a whole group of women in the frenzy ( madarkskin hamjaweza). If he did not find Vibes attractive, why did he have to shame her like that.

Nasty had a type and there is nothing wrong with that. He found and liked Pinks better than Vibes and that is okay. It is how he stated his preferences that makes the Vibes angry.

Have a lovely week my friends. I love you all so much.

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