Black Panther

My sister and I held hands tightly and closed our eyes behind the three dimensional glasses. We could not scream (although we wished we could) due to the setting. T’challa had lost to his cousin in a battle and the movie directors made sure that he seemed dead until he showed up a couple of scenes later and the whole movie theatre was lit again. At this point, we lost our ‘cinema etiquette’ and most of us were screaming with utter joy. T’challa was the star of the beautiful movie and it was evident in the cinema room and beyond.

I do not watch television save for Keeping up with the Kardashians. However, Black Panther was an exception. My sister and I ordered custom made dashiki and ankara pieces specifically for the ‘cinema day.’ Just to add a little spice to the whole excitement and Afrocentric outfits, I bought several rings and a matching bangle that just screamed Africa. My sister on the other hand had a whole ‘wakanda choreography’ ready and we had a ball watching the movie. More so, we wore our little afros out just to crown the whole event. We went all out. Too sad I lost my pictures from 2018. I would have definitely featured them here.

We enjoyed watching a movie full of women who looked like us (melanin rich). We enjoyed watching a movie that made us feel represented and absolutely thrilling at the same time.

My heart is broken because a man who played a huge role in a movie that represented girls like me and a movie that little Kenyan girls can watch and draw inspiration from their very own Lupita is part of, is now resting in the worlds unknown. Rest in peace Chadwick. Your great prowess and impact shall be felt forever and the fact that you were part of a massive project promoting representation for dark skinned women contributed a lot to my cause. I kept posting the movie, hyping it, repeated my outfits and I do not regret enjoying Chadwick’s work as much as I did. Forever grateful.

2 thoughts on “Black Panther

  1. 😂😂😂😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣aki nakumbuka. Alafu vile tuliscream vile T’challa our king came back to life. Ahh so sad bana now that he is gone kabisa. I wish we had a black panther 2 or any other movie with him on it. Thanks for reading.

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