Love choices and colorism

Hello my lovely readers, welcome to another article. This week Adut, the famous model shared her love life on social media. In my opinion, Adut is easy on the eye and her physique matches her deep rich skin tone. This may contrast other people’s opinions because beauty is subjective and I totally respect what people deem beautiful or not beautiful.

Adut’s beauty was questioned by netizens on tweeter simply because she is the girl friend to the renowned celebrated singer, Runtown. This sparked conversations alluded to colorism. Some people were appalled at Runtown’s ‘poor taste in women’ while others jeered women who were ‘toning ‘ themselves to achieve a lighter skin tone. What irks me is the fact that people actually find it necessary to affirm that dark skinned girls cannot be in relationships and be celebrated. In the opinion of the jeering netizens, implied that Adut does not deserve the relationship because she does not fit the ‘standard of beauty’ that requisites absolute love, vacations, appreciation, affirmation among other elements.

To all the dark skinned beauties out there, Adut has debunked a stereotype. She has demonstrated clearly that we too can enjoy black love despite fitting the( ‘standard black love comprising of light skinned woman- dark skinned man relationships).

We too can date men who were ‘reserved for pretty women’,

We too can find love and be loved profoundly.

We can be the prize in romantic relationships.

We can be loved gently and vividly.

We should accept love in abundance.

The society has affirmed consistently that it is only a certain type of woman fitting a certain standard of beauty that deserves the love that all us crave inherently as human beings. However, this is not the case anymore. Dark skinned women can be loved unconditionally too.

In my country, when a man is dating a dark skinned woman, people think his social status and his financial well being is in dire fixing because you got to ‘fika bei’ to be with or impress a light skinned lady as opposed to a dark skinned lady. This results to people putting in minimum effort when dating dark skin women forgetting that all women need to be treated right despite their skin tone.

The society might have a problem seeing dark skinned women raising the bar, defying dating and beauty standards concurrently but the society cannot stop stop us from accepting and receiving the love that we deserve.

All women are worthy of love and skin tone got nothing to do with it.

2 thoughts on “Love choices and colorism

  1. In my life I had two black girlfriends and I loved them very much. I would also have married one of them, if she hadn’t chosen to go back to her black boyfriend because he was black and I was white. This choice of hers made me suffer very much because I really loved her very much.

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