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I would like to thank everyone for reading, sharing and commenting. One of the readers asked me to share how my journey has been(through a couple of questions) and that is what I am going to share on this post. Before you forget, please help my blog reach 10k views so that I can embark on a very exciting project with you all. I appreciate each and every member of this beautiful family.

Why did you start the blog?

I started this blog as a distraction. I wanted to keep myself busy and share my thoughts with the world. My very first posts were a bunch of scribbled Randoms inundated with grammatical errors, flimsy feelings and almost everything in that line. In short, I did not know what I was doing. Even in the midst of ‘I did not know what I was doing’, I still had a particular running theme and that is self love.

I shared anecdotes of dark skinned girls loving their skin, 4c hair confidence, general self confidence among other topics that were a bit sombre.

What have you learnt so far?

Finally, in 2019 I found my self. I found my purpose. I knew what I wanted to share with the world. I then prepared myself for one year and started writing about colorism in 2020. I took so long preparing because I knew the topic is quite controversial and would attract support and hate in unequal measure.

In as much as I was prepared and headstrong, I did not expect some reactions, the most jarring one being attacked by a dark skinned lady who accused me of being a bitter lady who felt threatened, abused and inadequate in the presence of light skinned women. Another one claimed that I desired the attention of men through putting other women down.


Despite all that, I am still grateful for the loving family that reads and chooses to look at my work with an objective eye. Keep pushing for your dreams despite challenges. That is what makes the journey beautiful and worthy.

Stay safe. See you next time.

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