Colorism in India

I hated Mondays as a kid. No I was not working neither was I going to meet a bad boss. I hated going to school to meet people who would reiterate harsh statements about me being the darkest girl in class. I probably thought I was alone but thanks to the globalized world, I have been more exposed to many other people of different backgrounds who have experienced a fair share of this problem.(I am very grateful for everyone who supports this cause, especially those who do not or have never experienced colorism).

This week, we are going to focus on India.

Recently Fair and lovely decided to withdraw the name of the product and progress to a more inclusive product branding and that is great. This was precedented by a product branding that indirectly perpetuated the problem of colorism in India. Personally, I have never been to India therefore, I do not think I am capable of writing comprehensively about the issue. Therefore, I decided to share a video with you guys. The video was made by Indians who took their time to share their thoughts with the world.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Happy week everyone

2 thoughts on “Colorism in India

  1. I am originally from India and have been intrigued with this Indian obsession, especially when an average Indian is dark in complexion. It’s appalling to see such double standards. It’s, it seems, once again, driven by ‘demand’ of the men to marry a fair skin woman in an arranged marriage narrow-minded society. I think beauty is in all colours, you need fairness in eyes to see this.

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