How to deal with a colorist person

Hello my lovely readers. This post is going to share tips on how to deal with colorist people around you. These are my personal tips that help me manage myself when dealing with colorist slurs. Sometimes it is quite annoying and triggering (which is normal) but these tips help me to deal with the emotions without being overwhelmed.

  1. Educate them; It is imperative to note that sometimes, people are colorist subconsciously. They might not be aware of their behavior and you can take your time to create awareness. For example, if one gives you a back handed compliment you could reply with ‘how about you say this/ that’ because that compliment is inappropriate instead of saying thankyou or ignoring it altogether.
  2. Pray for them; Well, I do not know your religious beliefs or backgrounds but if you believe in a higher power that can help people change from certain unhealthy mindsets, then you can actually throw in a name during prayer. People who actually think they are better than others due to their skin tone may need some Godly intervention. Just saying.
  3. Ignore them; Some people may be adamant even after prayer and education. They may think you are becoming ‘too much’ or come up with deflective mechanisms such as calling you bitter, telling you to find a balance and things that fall in the same vein. They may make you think you are doing something wrong by simply expressing your views and opinions. They would highlight your ‘wrongness’ but are unable to offer any form of constructive criticism. These are the people that you need to block, unfollow or delete. They are not worth your time.
  4. Journal; You can write down your thought and feelings tied to colorism and write down a list of how you would prefer to handle the issue later. This sense of preparedness helps you because it hits you with the reality that colorism is real and preparation may help you manage triggers and be graceful during ugly encounters.
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These are my favorite personal tips for dealing with this problem. Feel free to share your tips. I would be glad to learn from you as well. Also let me know your favorite tips or something you have learnt at the comment section. Thankyou and have a blessed week ahead!

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