How to spot a colorist person

Hello my lovely readers. On this post, I am going to share five tips that may help you understand the subtle signs hat your friend, partner, sibling or any other person might be discriminatory towards people of a darker skin tone.(Plus I am now on YouTube please feel free to subscribe). Thanks.

  1. Backhanded compliments; Your friend might say, ‘oh you are so pretty for a dark skinned girl.’ This type of compliment says a lot.
  2. Uncomfortable with you; If you are a dark skinned girl with a great sense of style, high self esteem or just great inner self knowing people that are quick to put you down by comparing you to light skinned women are definitely red flags. Statements such as ‘dark skin hawezi slay, wachia malight skin’ or ‘ungekuwa light skin na hiyo kuslay yote si ungekuwa miss world’ and other statements in the same line are colorist in nature.
  3. They hate it when you get attention; Now do not get me wrong. I am fully aware that all human beings require and love attention. It is also normal for dark skinned girls to get little to no attention in most social gatherings (this is subjective), so when a dark skinned girl manages to get attention and compliments over a light skinned girl in a social setting and that becomes a problem for the light skinned sister, then that shows where she stands. If your friend thinks that they automatically require attention because of their skin tone and expects you to lack the same because of your darker skin tone, they are being colorist. They hate to admit that Beyoncé dedicated a song for us and she clearly mentioned Lupita and Kelly. Please go  on YouTube and search ‘light skinned girls’ version of Beyoncé’s Brown  skin girl.
  4. They make insensitive comments about skin tones; When you have a person in your life, who is committed to sharing insensitive comments whether subtle or direct in relation to skin tone, then they are colorist. For example, saying light skinned women are not intellectually endowed’ or  throwing around blanket statements such as ‘luo women are ugly’ or ‘Akothee is ugly compared to Tanasha.’ Using blanket statements to define women on such as subjective matter (beauty) means that you are using a blanket feature to make this conclusion. It is undeniable that most Luo women are predominantly dark skinned. So your friend uses a predominant feature (dark skin)  to identify Luo women with ugliness. That is why they are so color struck by the likes of Diana Marua and Shorn Arwa who are Luo women but they are considered beautiful.Below is a picture of Diana.See the source image
  5. They think your pigmentation is due to ‘lack of showering’; Earlier this year, I was having a conversation with my schoolmates and one of them (a light skinned lady) asked me if she failed to shower for a while she would be dark skinned.’Nkiskosa kuoga for some time si nitakuwa dark skinned?’ I was appalled because how do you think my genetic predisposition has anything to do with showering? A person with such a mindset is a colorist person.
  6. Gaslighting; Once you start talking about the sruggle of being dark skinned or get triggered by people such as Kaligraph and stormzy, they call you are sensitive, you are playing victim, ‘yaani hiyo inakukasirisha?‘ they ask. They deflect and tell you that you have issues. They tell you that you do not respect preferences. They tell you everything that is wrong with you but have no problem making fun of light skinned men and dark skinned women. They have no problem engaging with dark skinned men who bash dark skinned women constantly. So who has the problem really? Avoid these conversations at all costs by not engaging them at all. They barely hear you but quickly judge you.
  7. Jealous; People who call you jealous, bitter, combative or angry when you speak about colorism are part of the problem. When a person does not understand that speaking about colorism goes beyond securing a date, ‘feeling threatened by a light skinned woman’ or getting the attention of men, then that is alarming. When they get offended by he statement ‘beauty has no skin tone’ and say ‘well you are offending light skinned women and you are threatened and jealous of them’ those people are being colorist.
  8. Inspiration for the week;TSee the source image

6 thoughts on “How to spot a colorist person

  1. This reminds me. I was talking to a friend and she said to me, a very beautiful dark skinned girl, ” Sijawai ona mtu dark akikaa vizuri” It just happened to slip out and she started apologizing but now I know I have a colorist friend.

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