My friend said I am too dark to be her bridesmaid!

Hello my lovely reader welcome to another post that touches on the issue of colorism. I got a suggestion from an avid reader who supports my work( she is a light skinned gorgeous lady) by the name Audrey. I just had to point out her skin tone because finding a light skinned woman who supports this kind of work is hard to come by. This is not meant to bash but just to point out the fact that there is a few number of light skin women who look at colorism from the dark skinned girl’s perspective.

She is probably drawing inspiration from actresses such as Zendaya Coleman and Amanda Stenberg and I absolutely appreciate it.

Now, there is a Nigerian lady who surprised her friend just before her wedding by refusing to let her join her bridesmaids. She went ahead to state that the dark skinned lady would not look appealing in the yellow dresses that were to be adorned by the maids who would grace the occasion. The dark skinned sister explained how this affected her self esteem. Colorism affects not only heterosexual relationships but almost all relationships across the spectrum. Dark skinned sisters can wear yellow and look good.


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Nigeria is the hotbed of bleaching and colorism in Africa. From the roads of Lagos to the remote communities in Maiduguri, buyers are all over the country.Discoveries by Saturday Vanguard demonstrated that skin blanching has turned out to be one of the most noteworthy wants by Nigerian ladies and a few men nearby different basics like tea and so on.

This is probably why Dencia Whitenicious  launched her business there.Below is her photo.

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Singer and Beauty entrepreneur Dencia recently launched her Whitenicious skin lightening cream in Lagos, Nigeria with Blac Chyna, the brand’s ambassador present.
Speaking to Broadway TV at the launch, Dencia, on whether Nigerians are going to get the product, said: “They have a choice. It’s not a necessity, it’s a luxury. The average Nigerian cannot buy it. So, it’s for people that need it and can afford it”. (BN TV. May 16, 2020)

I am not against women who choose to bleach their skin or exclude their friends from marching in their weddings. I am against their acts of colorism.

I will share my 5 tips on spotting a colorist friend on my next post, so that you can either address the issue, educate them or just leave that friensdhip altogther.

Stay safe and I am sending love to all my dark skinned Nigerian ladies. You are gorgeous, beautiful and worthy of evry ounce of love and appreciation. If you are a Nigerian lady and you come across this article please share it, so that we can reach as many dark skinned ladies as possible.

 Inspiration of the week;

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29 thoughts on “My friend said I am too dark to be her bridesmaid!

  1. That part where they say, it is a luxury, and an average person cannot afford it makes that seller selfish and inhuman. That young people grow up knowing that only rich people can be pretty as they can afford bleaching agents. I am so sad.

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  2. Very well put. Some light skinned too are pretty but dark is always more so 😊
    This word or term – colorism , is new for me.
    But this kind of discrimination is there all over the world. Some based on colour, others on status and so on.
    Anyone who is not happy with himself or herself would go for externals to be attractive. It is all media driven. But one who sees God and goodness in all would neither differentiate nor feel small or inadequate.
    Let us hope and pray for equality and love and happiness for all.
    Love and blessings

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  3. I am Audrey😁Thank you for the shout out,Vert Berry🤩I am deeply flattered🙈I greatly support my dark-skinned sisters.I am light-skinned.But I would wish to state that I have never considered my complexion an advantage over dark skinned girls.Alot of girls are dark and beautiful to the extent that its intimidating sometimes.Otherwise…I love your articles😁💯Can hardly wait for the next one💃 I’m a big fan🤩

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    1. Hey Audrey. Thankyou for reading and I am so happy to have you speaking on such a sensitive issue without any fear whatsoever. You resonate with Zendaya and we honestly need more amazing ladies like you. I appreciate your support deeply. Thanks queen.


    1. Hello Alison. Thankyou so much for reading.I am glad I have been able to share something new with you. Yeah bleaching is dangerous to a person’s health. You are welcome. I hope by raising awareness, I will help somebody raise his/her self esteem.

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  4. Wow I had no idea this was going on on the other side of the world. Thank you for opening my eyes. The bride is not much of a friend. This is one of the most ridiculous idea I heard and I would have skipped the wedding. Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog. Best to you!


    1. Hello Suzanne. I am so glad I shared a part of what is going on in the world on the other side. Yeah it was such a bad experience for the bridesmaid and that is surely not a true friend. Thanks for stopping by as well. Thankyou and blessings.


  5. That lady who did not want her black friend because the yellow dress would not have been nice on her is a really stupid woman and also does not know how to appreciate her friend and is not worthy of anyone’s friendship and should marry alone without bridesmaids.

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