Hardy Caprio is worth listening to

Hello, my lovely readers, I hope you are all staying safe. I would like to remind you to check out the gallery section of the blog. I have featured the ladies who participated in last week’s Vert Berry challenge.

This piece was written by my beautiful sister in line with the writing collaboration series.


Usually, human beings feel at ease with what they are familiar with. That is why you follow your one friend at that party that you got invited to, but know absolutely no one. That is why you feel happy to see someone with the same skin tone a yours in a country where contrast is so stark.

But then you know human nature can surprise you when you least expect it; so again familiarity breeds contempt. Being a dark skinned British girl is hard. Being a dark skinned French girl is hard. The dark skinned British and French men really do promote colorism. It is funny how they bring men of other men into the circus, to actually spite dark skinned girls. They disrespect their women, and this isn’t enough for them. They encourage other men to do so as well. I feel the girls in these countries need more support. They already have enough with the ever-present disdain of racism. They do not need their own men giving them a hard time for resembling their own mothers and sisters. Look at this British artist and the message he is sending.

See the source image


I recently heard a song by a British singer by the name Hardy Caprio. In his song titled, Short and Sweet, he pithily called out colorism with this lyric, ‘dark skin, f*** colorism’ and that was the line that caught my attention. For a dark skinned British singer to actually address this? It makes me happy.

It gives me hope that the coming generation will not judge a person based on superficial things such as skin color. I hope more musicians address this. These people influence our thoughts whether we acknowledge it or not. So I really hope they influence us in a positive way over this colorism issue.

In short, I just wanted to say I like Caprio’s song. Go check it out.

Thanks and remember, colorism ends with me is the motto.

Our inspiration of the week is our very own Kenyan lady popularly known as Rue Baby.

Rue Baby


4 thoughts on “Hardy Caprio is worth listening to

  1. Wow. The world is changing. I empathize with dark skinned Kenyan girls but dark skinned French and British girls have it more rough. And it is true, it all begins with you and I. Let’s appreciate one another, let’s have bright and big hearts.

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    1. Hey love. The next one is tomorrow. What a beautiful coincidence. This is how we are doing it this time;
      1. Post a dark skinned girl on Instagram. It could be anyone. Even yourself because we are all about self love (if it applies to you)
      2. Tag at Vertberry colorism talks on Instagram
      3. Use a hashtag vert Berry on your post
      4. Finally put a flag icon to show the country where the lady comes from.
      Thanks. I hope to see you there.
      2. Write something cute for her.

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