You have the Stockholm syndrome

I am happy to let you guys now that I got this video suggested by a friend (Neema) and ths piece was written by my beautiful sister from Tanzania. She goes by the name Racheal. This is in light of the collaborations that I have been engaging on from the previous post. I hope you learn and enjoy.

You have Stockholm syndrome.

And everyday your sickness shows. You love light skin (or white skin) at the pleasure of degrading dark skin because you admire your captor more than your own blood.

Have you ever known a person who loves oranges so much that they despise apples, that they degrade apples, call apples ugly and worthless, go out of their way to make apples feel unwanted in the fruit kingdom? But you, my friend, have Stockholm syndrome.

I see the way you prefer the Hollywood portrayal of light skin ancient Egyptians, even though anyone smart enough to read a book knows that the original Egyptians had dark skin. I see the way Lupita’s skin tone makes you so uncomfortable that you tried to lighten it on the cover of magazines. I see you piling up all that lightening cream. I saw the shock in your eyes when you realized that Mariah Carey was half black. I heard the emphasis in your voice when you said you only want to be with a white woman so that you can have mixed babies because babies with black skin are not beautiful enough for you. Yes, someone actually said this to me. More than once.

But it’s okay. Leave me with my dark skinned people, we do not want your sickness. Let me have my Idris Elba, Viola Davis, and Lupita Nyong’o. Dark skin is electrifying. It’s mysterious to your disturbed mind, you cannot understand it. Yet you are drawn to it. Yes, you are. Why else would you love Batman so much and all the cool black gear? Why couldn’t you control your excitement over WAKANDA and the BLACK PANTHER? Why do you still love Tupac, even though he rapped:

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,

I say the darker the flesh, the deeper the roots

See! Even your sickened mind knows to subconsciously respect Tupac! Do not attempt to fashion blackness into some despicable disease. You are the one with the illness. I am black and my blackness will swallow you whole.

And if you feel threatened or uncomfortable with these words, then just remember that when a stone is thrown, the wolf that cries out in pain is the one that got hit. Even your Stockholm syndrome can’t save you from this stone.

Remember, colorism ends with us!

2 thoughts on “You have the Stockholm syndrome

  1. I know am late but first of all am so shocked by how far people can go just to change themselves.
    Am so glad you talked about this
    this is just too sad

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