What you think!

Hello my lovely readers! I started this series for creating awareness and interaction.

I am happy to share different views and different perspectives from different people. Enjoy and stay safe.

Below are people’s views. Feel free to comment if you relate.

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Hata sisi dark skinned tunaumia bana huku nje! (Waks)

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One thing people who criticize dark skinned girls will never understand is how much of an emotional rollercoaster it is to finally get to self acceptance… Once you get to that point your practically bullet proof…nothing can faze you!  I’m proud of you BTW for speaking up about it! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 (Val)

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Well let’s talk about colorism. The fact that some sick people discriminate dark skinned human beings for some reason that I personally do not seem to understand. Yes I said sick because for sure they are not healthy. I never paid a lot of attention on this subject until my best friend a dark skinned girl and extremely beautiful told me some stories of when she was young, how a boy called her ugly just because she was dark skinned. Then you begin to wonder aren’t dark skinned people human? Aren’t they a product of God? Today I am here to declare that colorism must end!!!!! Dark skinned or Brown skin we are all the same. The same people discriminating, want dark skinned men but want to shade dark skinned women, I mean what is it with this level of double standards that I cannot seem to understand. I don’t even see why the color of my skin should matter to you. Here is a piece of advice if you cannot say anything nice about a dark-skinned person do the world a favor and keep it to yourself, we do not care and your opinion does not matter to us by the way. We stand with the dark skinned people and together we will end colorism. Let’s end colorism!!!! (Neema, xoxo)

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A few months ago, colorism meant nothing much to me, but over the past couple of weeks, one of my friends has shared occurrences of the same around the world, mostly in the U.S, about the discrimination against dark-skinned ladies. Why just ladies? Well, they experience it more than men, and while men are not as vocal about it, ladies such as my friend are advocates for eradicating colorism. I find it appalling that we would genuinely loathe other people, sometimes out own people (AFRICANS), because of variations in pigmentation. The whole concept is scary because I’d hate for my beautiful dark-skinned baby sister growing up in a world that makes her feel that she is any less. So, to answer the question, what is colorism to me? Well, it is personal. (Bosita)

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Colorism simply is discrimination of people based on the color of their skins..its looking down on people, especially dark skin, and believing that the lighter ones are more valuable and beautiful.. I think this is a total misconception. Because I believe that skin color got nothing to do with ones ability to reason and be successful in their endeavors.. I also believe that one way of making a world a better place is to stop discriminating people based on their color and instead embrace them.. Dark skin is gorgeous, and so is light skin… Let’s stop this ideology and shun upon colorism and change this narrative… Colorism ends with me. (Otieno)

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Well I’ve never faced colorism. Apart from people calling me light skin or slay queen.Well because I’m a small YouTuber, I’m an Events Assistant and I’m fairly brown guys call me a slay queen. It’s annoying cause I’m just trying to hustle and build a career .

(Bakhita)   side note; you can watch her video!

That is all I have for this post. More opinions will be included in future posts. You can also participate by commenting or by sending me a direct message on my Instagram page @ vertberrycolorism.









6 thoughts on “What you think!

  1. Loved this😍😍😍.
    Reading about how people are discriminated about the color of thekr skin is not right. I love dark people. I stare at dark people, because they are so beautiful😍.

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  2. You are physically BEAUTIFUL (if that’s a selfie). I’m so happy you are writing this valuable blog to show the world that dark skin is a joy to behold. As a Baha’i, I quote this all the time, “We are the flowers of one garden.” How boring the garden is if has only one color flower! YAWN!

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    1. Thankyou so much Kim for reading and for the compliment as well. Yeah that is me on the selfie. You are beautiful too and I love the quote. I would be glad to share the quote with other people. I am sending you love and happiness


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