Lupita Nyong’o was right!

If you think Kaligraph Jones and Stomrzy are fighting for the top spot for being the most  colorist rappers, think again. Oprah Side Niga ,a hate spewing Youtube content creator must be the worst colorist person that has walked on this earth.

Oprah Side Niga is an unambiguous black man who called dark skinned women inhuman animals. Last week, I posted a video of a light skinned black woman telling dark skinned black women ‘that they should have told their fathers to use condoms and that it was not her fault that dark skinned women are ‘dirty’.

People keep saying how dark skinned women are loud, petty, dumb and ugly. People have made dark skinned women and ‘mad’ synonymous. But why would we not be mad? Why would we be happy  with people who constantly question our humanity? Why would we be chill in a society that has defeminized us to the point of saying dark skinned girls don’t or shouldn’t cry? Why would we not be mad for experiencing sub-racism?

Make it make sense. My mind has never understood the concept of bullying dark skinned women. Why are you mad at us for being ugly if you find us ugly? Where is the logic?

When Lupita said that colorism is the daughter of racism, she was absolutely right. It is us Kenyans who do the most in order to put dark skinned Kenyan women down. Have you ever seen white men chiming in when people are bashing white women? Have you ever seen white women bashing their fellow white women? But we want to drag Mueni Bahati because she is dark skinned and her half siblings are ‘pretty light skins.’

Kenyans complain about racism every day but are completely comfortable with disrespecting and discriminating their own women based on the color of their skin. Similarly the entire black community across the world is always on the frontline to promote colorism by all means but still complain about racism.

Colorism is backward.  Let us do better. Remember the message is, colorism ends with me.

Have a lovely week ahead and stay safe.

This week’s inspiration is;

Michelle Anyango, a Kenyan content creator on Youtube who has spoken about her ‘darkism’ struggles along being a natural hair enthusiast.

See the source image



4 thoughts on “Lupita Nyong’o was right!

  1. Society has placed us in a limbo if sorts. You see you’re expected to be stronger than lighter toned “softies” but still beneath men.

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    1. You are absolutely right Knight. And thankyou for reading this post. For sure, the society has placed us in a very tricky situation. We are supposed to be stronger and practice self love. This comes from people who are constantly committed to bashing and shaming the dark skinned girl. This should definitely come to an end. I am sending you love!

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