Who are you in quarantine with?

Hello everyone, welcome to our colorism series. Last week I wrote about dark skinned people who suffer at the hands of their colorist parents, siblings, partners, friends and other close people in their lives. This post is going to suggest a method to help one cope with such people in this quarantine period.

Disclaimer! I am not a professional and this is a suggestion that has personally helped me so I thought of sharing it with you.  The emotional freedom technique involves tapping specific points of your body and face while saying a statement about how you feel emotionally/describing the physical symptoms you are experiencing.

After completing a round/ two of tapping you will notice that the symptom/ emotion is no longer present/ its intensity has reduced significantly. Below  is an illustration of the tapping sequence template.

See the source image

While you tap these points, remember to say the EFT statement which consists of what you are feeling followed by an acceptance of self statement.

For example, even though I get bullied for the color of my skin, I deeply and completely accept myself and my skin tone.

Feel free to try this method and maybe it may mitigate the situation. Sending you all love, peace and blessings. Please share your experiences at the comment section.

This week’s inspiration is a lovely melanin Kenyan content creator Audrey Ogambo.


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