I was hated for being the darkest child in the family (Maich’s story)

Hello everyone, welcome back to our colorism series. Today I am going to write on something I watched  (after a concerned friend suggested) on YouTube on EbruStoryOfMyLife. Maich was hated by his own biological father for being a dark skinned boy. He was constantly picked on, got a glass cup threw on him and got emotionally damaged.  Recently, I also saw a video on YouTube where children were talking about their horror stories of their own mother bleaching them forcefully.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to know there are actually parents who hate their own children for phenotypically and genetically taking after them. The rejection digs deep and the self hate becomes part of these kids.  I am sure Maich is not alone and so we can join hands and put an end to this problem together.

Please guys, if you are reading this, you are probably a parent or you are going to be one. Please be kind to your dark skinned children. Dark skinned people are human, with real feelings and needs. Those who keep saying dark skinned girls are bitter or jealous, maybe you should take a seat and listen to her story. Those dark skinned boys who hate dark skinned women need some healing.  If you can, please watch the video and be more informed on how deep colorism is.

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Let this be your mantra, this quarantine period: Colorism ends with me.

Stay safe, sanitize and say no to colorism. Now that there are chances that there are people who are staying home with colorist abusive parents and partners, I am going to share an Emotional Freedom Technique that may actually help mitigate the harshness of the situation.

Peace and blessings!

Inspiration of the week;

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4 thoughts on “I was hated for being the darkest child in the family (Maich’s story)

  1. Sometimes just sometimes I’d say the parents are fearful. Humans react differently when faced with fear. The society causes the stigma. Most parents go to extraordinary measures albeit some being negative to protect their offsprings. I’m not defending their despicable acts, No. I think we should look at what drives them to do it before we rebuke them. I don’t think a simple No this is bad would make them stop it without first chopping off the roots of the problem. #EndColourism

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    1. Thankyou for sharing your idea. That is so true. I do not think I did a good research on what drives them to do such things. I would like o look into that and give a view and even welcome more ideas because I am not so conversant with the reasons behind their actions. Again, thanks. I will look into it. Your thought was quite insightful because I had not thought of it like that.

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