Pandering or what?

Hello  everyone. The purpose of this post is to appreciate Kenyan artists who truly understand inclusivity of skin tones in the work. They understand that music and art in general is a reflection of the society and have taken it upon themselves to shed light upon the girls that are always behind the scenes.

Whether you think it is pandering, ‘lack of content’ or ‘they only show us love online/media’, remember that songs are subject to different interpretations and I am just writing from my point of view.

  1.  Chris Kaiga: The ‘chain chain‘ hit maker has consistently expressed inclusivity of skin tones in his songs and I totally love it. It may not seem like a big thing but it is a positive step in alleviating this problem. He is definitely bringing fresh and different vibes into the Kenyan music industry by his different style, awesome videos and showing some ‘melanin girls’ some love. The ‘bundas’ song goes as ‘nahalla yellow ting na melanin same time’ and the girls in the video are both light skinned and dark skinned.See the source image
  2. Sauti Sol: The melanin song by sauti sol gave dark skinned girls to solely shine in a music video and the lyrics referring to the dark skinned girl as the ‘queen’ was a job well done. Melanin girls for the win was so big thanks to these amazing.See the source image
  3. Ethic; Whether you think they are too ‘ratchet’ for you or you are an enthusiastic fan, the ‘lamba lolo’ hit makers just dropped a hit that touched on all shades of women a while back. The ‘chapa’ song which the lead singer in it (Reckless) hits us with the ‘misijali ata rangi’ line which when loosely translated means ‘I do not care about color’ . He actually meant whatever the skin tone you come in, as long as you are ‘pleasing’ then that is all that matters. That coming from a Kenyan artist really shows that we are slowly coming out to the mental slavery.See the source image

Thanks for reading and let me know of any other artists I have not mentioned. Have a great week, sanitize and stay safe. Peace and blessing to you!

This is the week’s inspiration.

See the source image

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