Colorism Dictionary

Hello everyone, welcome back to the colorism series. This post will share the common words that people tend to use in normal conversations with/ without realizing that they are being colorist.

‘You are too pretty for a dark skinned girl’

Pretty For A Black Girl   even though i personally have never had someone say this to me ive heard it said to my sister and thats not ok at all

I prefer light skinned women because dark skinned women are too gutter, or ghetto etc’black women beautiful photo fashion shoot #BlackwomenBeautiful

‘Dark skin is the epitome of masculinity‘; Well there are feminine dark skinned women so that is quite problematic to say the least.

Fashion // Go Bold โ€“ AphroChic

‘The darkest person in the relationship should always be the man’: This means no dark bone shall date a dark bone. It defeminizes the dark skinned woman. It is not appropriate.

100+ Funniest Black Memes Photos Of All Time | WittyMania

Dark skinned girls are ugly’; Who ever came up with this line must have been good at convincing. This line has caused damage over the years because many people believed this lie. Right I be laughing so Hard cuz look at me I'm beautiful AF


You can have your preferences but you do not have to pair it up with an opinion that is derogatory towards dark skinned women.

You can compliment a dark skinned woman without giving an underhand compliment. You surely won’t die.

Dark skinned people can date each other or date whoever they choose. Please stop telling dark bones not to date dark bones.We do not ever tell light skinned women who to date and who not to date it only makes sense if we do the same for dark skinned women.

Have a blessed week ahead!

This week’s inspiration is Justine Skye.

Justine Skye | Rihanna, Tiffany Haddish,ย  Zazie Beetz, ย Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson and other celebrity pics of the week.


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