It is none of your business

Being such  an avid lover of mainstream music, it is no coincidence that I bumped on Jorja Smith’s music. I saw her name pop up on my social media feeds and I decided to try her music. She turned out be an amazing songstress with an aesthetically pleasing demeanor. I then realized that she had an interview that touched on colorism and pretty privilege. I quickly rushed to watch the interview on You tube with so much enthusiasm . I was eager to hear about colorism from the perspective of a light skinned woman. I heard both interviews and I realized that some light skinned women do not like to admit their light skin privilege. They have made colorism none of their business and therefore, we dark skinned women should make their complexion none of our business either.

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I watched two interviews ( Jorja Smith pictured above) and I am going to share what I learnt from them;

  1. Light skinned privilege exists: During the first interview, Jorja clearly stated that she does not like the fact that  some people do not even know that she makes music and only know her as a pretty person. We all know how the industry works. People are more visual than audio oriented. That is why musicians make videos. Why else would musicians make videos? Therefore, people would definitely want to see a pretty person more than hear their voices. Some light skinned female artists would definitely never admit on how much the color of their skin has helped them in their careers.  Kash Doll an American female rapper claimed who is dark skinned claimed that light skinned privilege does not exist only to take back her words a few years later after seeing what the light skin did for Cardi B. The point is, light skinned privilege exists, therefore we should not brush off genuine concerns about people who speak about it.Let's lift each other up!
  2. Dark skinned black women fetishize light skinned black women: On the second interview, Jorja was being interviewed by a dark skinned black woman who fetishized her throughout the interview. I agree, Jorja Smith is beautiful but that is not all that she is. I sat there, hoping Jorja would remind the radio host about her music and address the issue but she just kept giggling about it. That clearly shows that some light skinned women really enjoy how dark skinned women fetishize them constantly. They feed off from our burning desire to please them and see us at the bottom of the totem pole. Ladies, we got to stop this. Acknowledge their beauty but do not be desperate to remind them about it. Channel that energy into making yourself better. Light skinned women thinking they are better than us is as a result of the fetishization.Y’all agree with this statement??? Do you think people should also removed “dark skin beauty” in their bio’s too??? . . .…
  3. We cannot divide what is already divided: Jorja has shown that some light skinned women are not willing to address the issue of colorism. They have remained silent and silence sometimes speaks louder than voices. If they speak, they blame dark skinned women for being jealous of them. They clearly don’t want to address the issue.  It beats logic for dark skinned women to keep talking about the ‘dark skinned or light skinned we are all black’ mantra. Colorism should be fought by all black people despite their skin color. However, it seems a part of us are comfortable with their ‘sisters’ being trolled left, right and center. If some of our sisters cannot stand for us, then we ought to stand up for ourselves. We ought to drop the kumbaya mentality and start supporting ourselves and our platforms.  Let no one ever make you feel guilty for supporting dark skin women in any manner. We should be comfortable with the division and focus on making our selves better. If you find a supportive light skinned sister, appreciate her. If not, their skin is none of your business, focus on yourself. This ‘let us not compete’ attitude has not worked for the longest time. We should try the opposite or something else.1,278 Me gusta, 6 comentarios - Nazly 〰 نازلى (@naziejoon) en Instagram: "we have to actively reject colorism and recognize our enormous privilege as light skinned pocs."


If you have to drool over another woman’s complexion and keep saying that colorism does not exist, at least do not be dark skinned. It is high time dark skinned women realize that we are divided and we should play the game. I am not saying that we should be bitter haters on our light skinned sisters. I am saying we should stop waiting for them to  stop enjoying the light skin privilege. We should stop waiting for them to stand up and help us in this fight. Instead, we as dark skinned women should embrace our femininity level up and realize who we are. That way we will stop this fetishization.

Some light skinned women do not think colorism is a problem because they benefit from it. Similarly, we should make their light skinned none of our business by not fetishizing them at all. Stay happy queens.

To celebrate South Sudan Independence Day (June 9), we feature people from the more than 70 ethnic groups that make up the Nubian / Nilotic people.


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