The Skin We Are In!

Growing up, I was always laughed at in school. Those kids laughed  the color of my skin, alluded it to dirt and subsequently questioned my mother’s ability to bathe me. Luckily, I had Indian neighbors who were nothing close to the mean kids at school. I had a good time with them. They taught me how to ride bicycles and we were really good friends. They never ever cared about my dark skin. They just loved me for me. That is colorism defined. The hate came from my own people and that was daunting.colorism 4 Colorism is real. It tells us that masculinity is dark and femininity is light. Colorist jokes are glorified. Just take a look at Kevin Hart joking about dark skinned women and Kodak Black reiterating the narrative that defeminizes dark skinned black women.

Colorism tells dark skinned women about their bad attitude and unattractiveness and praises their dark skinned sons for their handsomeness. The irony is hilarious. Last I checked, the apple does not fall far away from the tree.

Many dark skinned girls out here walking with bruised esteems and when they talk about their pains, they are told to ‘self-love’  and stop seeking validation. Yet their light skinned counterparts are validated in songs, commercials, magazines just to mention afew.  Even after the brown skin girl hit was out, it still had controversy around it stemming from colorism. Quite sad.

Dear Dark skinned girls, let this pandering not fool you. Girls out here are still killing themselves over colorism and I think we need to be intentional in putting an end to this problem.

Meet me in my next blog where I will be sharing tips on how to be revamp your confidence and healing from colorism as well as how lighter skinned people can try end or mitigate this situation. I will also be writing about the colorism dictionary. Don’t miss out.

Meanwhile, be happy in the skin you are in. Below is an encouraging illustration. Your skin is everything and let colorism step aside.





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