Hello everyone!  Happy new year to you all.

This hiatus has been quite long. I am back and I thank each and everyone of you for taking your time to read, share and comment on my blog posts.

Are you a dark skinned girl? Do you know of any dark skinned girl? Are you a light skinned man? Have you experienced colorism? If you have an affirmative answer to any of these questions, then this is the place to be at.

I have prepared a colorism series. This series is going to touch on colorism in all aspects i.e. at the work place, in the social media spaces,  de-feminization of dark skinned women among others.

In this series, I shall define colorism, give tips on how to deal with colorism and how dark skinned black women can explore their options, bring back their esteem and live their best lives.

I highly encourage everyone to comment and lets make this space interactive and therapeutic. Always feel free to meet me at the comment section down below.

The series begins on 8th January 2019. Stay tuned and stay excited because good things are coming.

Have you experienced colorism? If so, share your experience at the comment section.






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