We should all be angry

Have you ever been on a date with someone who pronounces the ‘l’ in salmon? Do you correct them, laugh or brush it off altogether? I know it is a very awkward situation and that awkward feeling you get in such situations is the same feeling I get when a man flinches at a vocal woman. A woman who expresses her sexuality and intellectual abilities without any fear or shame. A woman who debunks all the rubbish that the society has pinned onto feminism.  A woman who fails to fall in line with the pick me culture. A woman who can embrace her curves or lack thereof without seeking the approval and validation of a man. A woman whose best position is CEO and her cirque de soleil tricks can give strippers a run for their money.  A woman who dresses up sexy for herself because she got no one to impress. A woman who goes out at night and if you ask her about the location, she will refer you to your GPS because she is not the one to address.

A woman who makes you uncomfortable such that you do not know if you hate that you love her or you love that you hate her. A woman who annoys you because she shakes your fragile ego and exposes the vulnerable child in you. This woman should be embraced and we should all be angry that she is shamed and shrouded. We should be angry of the fact that she is termed as a bitter feminist, a bitch and so many other negative connotations attached to her. This is not a battle of the sexes because this woman is still recovering from her exes, thankyou next sort of thing. This is not a poetic justice kind of setting. This is a woman seeking unity in diversity in a world that is focused on battles. Can you embrace her? How angry are you?

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