A tragedy this size

It feels like making love to Joan Collins. I know exactly what to do (be strong) but I literally don’t know how to do it at this point. She was taller than me and her derrière got her so much attention that she really had to buy me a booty pad so that when we walked together,I too could get a share of what she went through on a daily. “Utaiskilia kwa mwili” (you will physically feel it)she said everytime we did the silly act of giving me a forced butt lift.She hated all the attention so she had to “share” it with me. We were sisters by destiny and friends by choice.

She shared everything with me.From the times she farted in the elevator to how she had a crush on her Spanish lecturer.My sister was surely a mad girl on the loose. Considering how strict my parents are, I honestly cannot wrap my head around the idea of her whole personality. She was a free spirit that believed in possibilities laced with a great sense of humour.

She made my stern father laugh at times and had light moments with him. I really thought she was the total definition of black girl magic.My dad laughed heartily whenever Akiya was around.So basically my dad was happier during the holidays because once school opened, she flew to London to study math. My dad spent the rest of his days,locked up in his study deciphering algebraic equations and creating formulas. No laughter, just math and a little conversation.

I don’t want to start delving into how one can study pure math.Oh God! She killed me everytime she said math is easy peasy. I think that is one of the reasons why she got along well with dad. Dad is an instrumentation engineer so it adds up,I think.

I ,on the other hand sat all the math supplementary papers and still managed to fail. We dont fail in our second trials. That is what dad taught us. I clearly couldn’t live up to the teaching. I took after my mum and that is why I was her golden child. Akita and dad go together like chips and sausage while I and mum are the Kim Kardashian of the family. We spruce up better than everyone else. I even sometimes wonder how dad convinced mum upto the point of having kids. However, that is another story by itself.

It all happened on March 16th seven years ago on Akiya’s twenty first birthday and I was sixteen at the time. My mum had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy and finally we got a brother that we always fervently prayed for. We decided to celebrate Akita’s birthday together with thanksgiving for the “new” baby, Leo.

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