We had a pompous celebration at home. Family and friends came in plenty. The good and the bad.I particularly remember how we planned to leave the party once aunt Esther would begin to give her unsolicited advice on everything and anything to anyone. She once told my my mum that my friends had corrupted me (“hao mabeste wamemharibu sana”).She advised my mum to confiscate my phone for five days straight. True to form, my mum took her advice and my hormonal brain did not forgive her ever since. Ofcourse I forgave my mum.

Akita had also received a load of advice including ‘not to study too much because no man would marry her.’Aunt Esther was too much and she never missed any party. So now we had a way of having fun and avoiding drama by leaving the party midway.

At 3p.m Akita and I left for mall that made waves then.We were fervently reminded to be home by 6p.m the normal curfew. However, Akita bargained for a ‘birthday girl’ favor and so we were allowed to come back at nine. Meni our driver would pick us up.

The mall was beautiful. We enjoyed every recreational activity that was offered there as we made fun of aunt Esther. I think everyone who heard us laugh thought we were crazy but it’s a girl’s world. Time was almost up so we decided to call Meni. While he was on his way, Akita asked me to wait for her.”Where are you going?” I asked. “To the ATM” she replied. I nodded in agreement. That was the second last conversation we had.

Suddenly, I heard a big thud followed by a sharp scream. Startled, I hurriedly went in the lounge and tried to find out what was happening.”Call the ambulance ” a strong voice commanded. Still in shock,I called Akita to no avail. I went running at the crowd and what I saw cut my heart like a knife through butter.

Akiya was badly bruised. I ran to hold her and look into her eyes hoping that she would say it was a prank or something. Jokes on me, Akita was gone on her birthday. She said to me ‘let me go’ ,holding my hand with the little energy she was left with. She then closed her eyes and that was it.

This is the seventh year and we have not seen dad laughing so hard. We cannot even celebrate Leo’s birthday because of the memories. Sometimes I sit and wonder what killed my sister. She left no suicide notes neither did she show any suicidal tendencies. She was a happy person who died in the saddest way ever.

I still cry. I still hope I will get answers one day. Word went round that dad had ‘sacrificed’ her for riches. Others speculated that my sister went crazy due to too much maths. Honestly, those comments made the pain escalate. I had to get used to them.

I still smell her clothes and look at her algebra books. I still hear her voice in my head encouraging me to write stories for her. I tell myself that she did not die. She transcended because she was a champion and champions do not die. Since the cause of her physical death is still mysterious, I settled for depression lest I lost my sanity. After I console myself, I sit and hope that we will meet again and I slap her before we talk. Then I hug her like we did on earth and eat all her food, if they offer any there ( as punishment for leaving us).

A tragedy that size is too big to be forgotten.

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    1. Ahh yes I should. Thank you. My creative mind went on some hiatus😂plus to be honest I wanted to write until the Ethiopian plane crash happened. My heart is bleeding for all the affected families( peace and courage to them) and I’m legitimately unable to put out any content. Hopefully, Ill spring back.

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