If a woman was a Casanova!

We have all encountered people with double barrel-names, I suppose. You know those names right? Miguna Miguna is the best example. When I was in primary school, I had a classmate by the name Ouma Ouma and that made my 12 year old self laugh so hard. The whole concept is still so hilarious to me. How does one just name a child, one name twice? Even with the plethora of names to choose from. Anyway, that is a story for another day.

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My name is Venda Keba Keba. I sit at the bar alone, I love my sorbet laced with vodka, I love vodka, I know what type of engine I want for my car and I speak my mind (I have never been timid).I do not settle in horrible relationships, no never. I am beautiful and intelligent. I give men a chance to date me and once I realize that a man is toxic, I let him go and move on to the next. I drop the toxic man like a hot potato without any explanations or hesitation. I do not try. I make straight moves, I have no time to announce. I am too pretty to be paused on face time and neither do I waste time. I know my worth and that pisses people off. Hence , I won myself a title ” female Casanova.’ This is an equivalent of a lady who does not settle for less.She has more male friends than female friends.


If a woman was a Casanova, then she would be Keba Keba. She says no to a toxic man and when she tries out a new relationship, then society would be ready to judge her.“Kwani hata hawezi ngoja au avumilie?“[Can’t she even endure or wait?”]She wears clothes that she  fancies so that she attracts the attention of men,(as if women dress to impress men), she knows details about cars thus, men flock around her when she is talking turbo and wheels. She thrives in a field that men have thrived in, so that people automatically presume that ‘she slept her way up’ and she is still sleeping around so as to get that promotion and keep the job. Perhaps  she watches football, not in hope of getting a boyfriend  but just because she loves football. But still watching football, wearing her favorite red dress and hanging out with men means she has been in their sheets (tsk..). Its pretty tough for a lady to go without being labeled, right?

If a man is busy living his best life as a Don Juan, then the society pats him on the back and salutes his heroism .If a man owns a salon ,everyone praises him and you will not hear people say ‘oh, he is sleeping with his clients” as frequently as you would hear people say the same for a lady who runs a boutique for men’s clothes or a lady who is just good with men an equivalent of a typical ‘lady’s man.”

Being a lady is hard already. Would the society at least cut us some slack. This female Casanova stereotype got to stop. Some women are just passionate about things that are more manly and have many male friends. Last time I checked, there was a big difference between friends and lovers.

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