An open letter to all the underdogs

I am an ardent lover of people who never went to college and those who dropped out of college.

I want an iPhone.

Parting shot.


Dear reader,

In school; you play alone. But on the street, you play with the big boys.” – Ajaero Tony Martins

Forgive me if you  find some parts of this letter irrelevant . I am writing at 2 a.m in the morning at the comfort of my couch. I have been unable to sleep for the last three days. No, I am not on drugs and neither am I in love. I seriously want to experience this type of love that makes people unable to sleep. I call it “lovesomnia” and now I feel like the best wordsmith on the face of the earth.My reflux will not let me sleep and so I decide to write.

Some men and women intrigue me so much.  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Onica Tanya also known as Nicki Minaj are my favorites.These great people  do not have college degrees.  Thanks to them, we got great entertainment. I am going to focus on Steve Jobs in this letter. Steve Jobs is the co-owner of Apple incorporation which makes the iPhone and iPad gadgets. He is my favorite college drop out. If you think getting a college degree is the yardstick to success, then read on.

I WANT AN iPhone

“Apple had to make real the dreams people didn’t know were dreamable.”

People want iPhones for various reasons. These reasons range from making a statement to boosting ones esteem in our highly materialistic society. Its a phone made for the upper echelon. You got to have a lot of cash to get it.

I do not want iPhone because I want to show off. I want an iPhone because it highly resonates with the underdogs yet almost every top dog owns it. The iPhone that was created by an underdog company which was known as the Silicon valley underdog (Apple inc.). The college drop out  has made waves and so has his brand. Our society tends to look down upon people who do not have college degrees.

So my darling reader, every time you see a person holding an iPhone and you are an underdog, just remember that is a sign of the precedent set for you. It does not matter if you are a college dropout or you have never been to college. After all there are underdogs who own college degrees. The bottom line is we could all win despite the circumstances.


Manny Pacquiao faced Floyd Mayweather .David  faced Goliath and you know what he won.Underdogs are beautiful.When people think you cannot make it, then you should win.Even if  Manny did not win, at least he believed in himself and went ahead as the trying underdog. Keep pushing and keep trying.

Forget about the old trope of the degree holder ,the  pretty ones or those with an upper hand making it in life. Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble.

Feel free to invite me to your A-list parties once you become a top dog. I promise to be an A-lister and a top dog too ,so that we can say in unison ‘only the real can relate’ and not ‘only degrees can relate.’

Disclaimer, I do not have anything against degrees. I just think that degrees are not the only means to success.

Are you an underdog or have you been considered to be one?



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