Perfect stranger

‘We are empowering women but we are not preparing men to handle empowered women,’that is the point I am using to defend myself being a twenty-seven year old single lady.Kerri is getting married this December and now she is multitasking(wedding planning, finding out who Lucy is and who the ‘blue-notes’ guy is.Bachu is her assistant spy and she has her office bae who is working as an accountant in our neighboring offices.Well, all my ’empowered lady’ friends are in relationships, cuffed or boo’d up.My point is valid and my friends are optimistic about the blue notes guy and they are sure I will find the man who knows how to handle an empowered woman like me.

“I think Bachu should get at the parking lot twenty minutes before the closing hour so that maybe she can get to see the stranger’ Kerri suggested as I was just wondering who this sweet guy is.Well, Bachu did it but unfortunately ,she did not get to see the guy and I still got a note.The note read ‘are you down for a wasabi and sushi date?place your reply under the windshield,I will be waiting.Once I read the note,my heart skipped a beat.I am half Japanese, half Kenyan.I love my sushi served with wasabi.I just wonder how he could suggest a date and offer to buy me my favorite food.This must be either a pathological stalker or a person who knows me from the past.

Before my father died,he used to take me out for sushi and I we would occasionally bump into other regular customers.’Mmh,maybe he used to check you out’ Bachu said while laughing hard and we all joined her.I decided to ignore the offer and wait for his reaction.The”FBI squad’ would then decide whether to involve the police or go for the date as a trio (just in case).I am literally counting hours before evening reaches so that I can get my note.Haha, I am surely making up for the time I lost in my teen years and in my early twenties.”Please say yes Lucy,lets meet at 8 p.m on Saturday, at your favorite hotel, yours sincerely,Mark Camp.

‘I remember him!I do!’Kemri, Bachu, you got to dress me up,because on Saturday I am going to meet Mark’. I am giggling and blushing as I drive home along with my friends who were pretty shocked.Well, when I was twenty-three, I attended a boot camp and every girl was head over heels over Mark except me.Mark got curious and approached me.I just served him my typical savage self being so indifferent and difficult. I refused to give him my number and lied that I went by the name Lucy. The only detail he knew about me was that I loved sushi and wasabi from Pricey hotel.However, deep inside I admitted that Mark was created on a fine day.His chocolate skin, supple lips,benign smile and his height was amazing.Mark is fine and apparently not one girl has rejected him before.My rejection must have hurt I suppose.

Just when the boot camp was over,I forgot about Mark and Lucy encounter and moved on with life.How he found me is still a mystery.I am now at the counter, paying for my blue sticky notes because I want to reply Mark so that we meet. Kerri and Bachu are busy sprucing me up for the date and they have dressed so casually as they are going to get a separate table and ‘spy’ on me and Mark during the date.We got to the hotel and I went to the table Mark had reserved.He looked so handsome in his suit and his attractive nose piercing.’Finally, Lucy you are here, looking so good and different oh and at least I got a yes’ he said as he pulled a chair for me.

Sushi was served, we exchanged numbers, laughed lightly as I told him how cheesy his move was and that my real name is Melissa. I cannot believe that it all began with a lie and a rejection, then to more sushi dates, jokes and champagne.We are now all ‘boo’d up’.Mark has made me realise that an empowered woman can love and be loved.

Mark an I will match at Kerri’s wedding next week and on christmas, we are all going for a couple’s retreat.My parents are very happy and the villagers are accusing me of sorts of things.All in all, I am with my man who is fit to participate in a ‘kupe challenge” video .I just found my match, the yin to my yang

Next time you think of your empowerment as a barrier to find love,think of Melissa a.k.a Lucy.Everyone is an embodiment of love, its immaterial whether you are empowered or not.

Everything is love

The Carters


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