Blue notes

These \nnotes under my windshield are getting out of hand.I do not know why they are getting me so excited though.They were cute love notes, well written in blue and they most certainly’ blue me away.”I was happier and smiled more.This was just the perfect stranger.

My name is Melissa. I am turning twenty-seven in the next two days and my love for horoscopes made me realize that I am an awesome scorpio. I work as an engineer in a lavish engineering firm in Nairobi.I have never been a typical Kenyan slay queen neither have I been to any club before. No, I was not raised in ‘ushago’ (upcountry).I was born and raised in Nairobi in an affluent neighborhood.I am a blue-stocking, I believe women need to read bigger books and not to have bigger boobs.I am ‘boring ‘lady, a serious sapiosexual and real ‘wife material.’I am very intelligent, I graduated with honors and I am making money.

My parents love me but they cannot wait for me to tie the knot.Well, you can imagine how uninterested I am (tsk).The whole village is waiting for me.I have heard some women warn their daughters from being like Melissa.I really do not understand why people find it hard to mind their business.

About a month ago,I bought myself a Range Rover Sport(SUV Autobiography).Fefe(my pet dog) was the first to enjoy the ride.My excitement was still fresh when I started receiving cute love notes tucked under my windshield every evening when I got to the parking garage of our office building.At first,I considered the move to be so cheesy and paid a little attention.My curiosity started to build up when I realized that the “guy’ was so persistent.Never had a man shown so much interest in me before and it was quite thrilling.But who is he? Why was he addressing these love notes to Lucy yet I am Melissa?

It is my birthday and my friends, Bachu and Kerri are taking me out to a club so as to get me “snatched’.They got me a nice,short,crimson red, satin ,figure hugging dress paired with nice suede strap sandal heels.I felt uneasy but I had to accomplish what was in my bucket list.As we were dressing up, Bachu found a bunch of love notes inside my sanitary purse.”Melissa, you got a guy crushing on you and you have never told us?”she asked with so much curiosity.”Can I explain this as we head to the club?, Bachu I am too nervous already.”Ok sis”

We hit the road, got to the club,had some drinks, exchanged numbers,flirted around and danced.My friends had never ever seen me let my hair down and they were just so excited.I then got a bit tipsy and opened up about the mysterious guy and how I really liked him by just reading the notes. The endless laughter from my friends made my feel at ease.I laughed too and they promised to help me find out who this guy was and who Lucy is.We decide to call this guy and Lucy “perfect strangers” and unravel this mystery.

I have finally clubbed and shown interest in a man.Those are two boxes checked in my bucket list. Currently, my life has another dimension and I am showing a side I never thought I had.Maybe my parents will finally get the son-in-law that they have always wanted.

Find out about the “perfect stranger”in my next post.

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