Kristen, the sequel

Know who you marry and the family that your spouse comes from.

Do your homework.

I am now in hospital and Mark has never seemed happier.He seems to be happier about the doctor’s confirmation about my reflux than actually being grateful for the fact that the condition is not so bad.I mean, he rubbed it in my face, that Kristen was not a heartless murderer.’Thank you so much doctor’ we said as we left hospital and headed home.”Sweety, let me never hear you accuse my mother again.”

‘Well,I will never do that and I am sorry’I replied as we drove through the heavy traffic while sipping on some cabbage juice to calm my tummy.Kristen was supposed to leave on Sunday and so we found her packing after we arrived home.This was very unusual of her because every time she visited, she always packed one night before and not two nights before her departure.

“What did the doctor say about my daughter’s health?’Kristen asked Mark as she tucked in her clothes in her olive green Prada bag.”Same old reflux, nothing serious” Mark replied as he directed me to the room so that I could get some rest.Such a chivalrous man, isn’t he?Kristen wished me a quick recovery and went downstairs to chill with her grandson while watching cartoons.

Mark gave me medicine,(p .s .hey tasted so bad),  dressed me in some warm pajamas and kept me company until I slept like a baby.You would not want to imagine what I found when I woke up.My sleeping habits changed from that day on wards ‘fam.’Did I mention that I sleep like a log?Well,I found myself in a small room hand tied, side to side with my darling son,Garvin.I did not know anything, from time, to place and even where Mark was.How I got out of there and how I got there is just a story for the gods.

I started looking around hoping to find a way out as I kept screaming for help and yet I could not even see my kidnappers.Then all over sudden the door was opened and I just knew I was going to die with my son so I started saying my last prayers with my head hanging low and I felt someone touch my neck.I looked up and found Kristen looking at me with so much hate in her eyes which were now crimson red and she was dressed in a black gown.Even before I could I could wrap my head around all the events, Mark came in through the door, dressed like Kristen and had a poker face.I think I died and resurrected at the same time.”Who did I even get married to?’

‘Mum, now let us summon dad because we have the full sacrifice, two heads’Mark said as he gave my son and I a cold stare.I wanted to scream,but my throat was dry.Mark always told me that his father died when he was sevenand now I was going to meet him.I was too perplexed when they started chanting in some indistinct voices.Helpless and immobilized I started saying my last prayers of how I would be united with my son in heaven and he was crying at the top of his lungs.I just finished saying my prayers and had a manly voice accepting the sacrifice and I thought that must have been Mark’s dad.The devil may be?

I am still alive, living with my son in a foreign country.My prayers were heard and I got rescued from the belly of a beast.I hope Mark’s spirit does not haunt my son, because the way he cries sometimes scares me.He is nine years old now.



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