My mother-in-law is mean. Stereotypes aside, Mark’s mother is outright cold-hearted and now she is getting under my skin.All my efforts to create a rapport with her are constantly trashed.She goes by the name Kristen.I will call her Kristen throughout because addressing her as mother does not sit well with me.As far as I am concerned, she is everything but a mother to me. Kristen visits us every first week of the month and the tradition seems too strong to stop anytime soon.She stays at our place for one week straight and I now call that first week ‘hell week’ of course in my mind lest we fight with Mark over Kristen.

Kristen has a fine taste in everything and that explains why my Mark is a huge metro-sexual. Maybe that is why she always criticized my taste because of her sophistication.Kristen complains about everything and anything that I do.She threatens to bring Mark a real wife from Jinja and free him from this big headed, educated city girl.It seems Kristen has something against me but I really cant place a finger on it.I mean she is equally educated and was raised in the city so really her hate must be motivated by other factors, maybe lacking a grandchild makes more sense.

I just got my first baby and the joy is boundless.Mark and I waited two years into our union and then decided to have our first.We both had no hurry to get busy raising kids.We went out almost every weekend, attended boot camps and ate ice cream at the comfort of our couch watching rom-coms. I think my Kristen apart form just being indifferent, the fact that I had no rush to get busy in the other room and push babies just drove her nuts.So now that I finally gave  her a grandchild, who goes by the name Garvin, I thought I was safe from her constant underhanded compliments,unending complains and hate but you can only guess my fate.

This is the first day of October and Kristen is on her way from Jinja all the way to Kenya just to see his one and only son who apparently is thin because he is poorly fed.If Kristen only knew that I loved his son’s slim physique maybe she would never complain of her son being underfed.Mark cannot gain weight due to genes and I had no hand in that but, Kristen had complain anyway.She came in the evening and we all sat at the airport waiting for her.

She warmly exchanged pleasantries with his son and grandson, greeted me coldly and we drove back home.I felt sick through the 20 minutes drive and used my phone to just kill the awkwardness of being ignored.Kristen treated me as if I was John Cena (pun intended) and she offered to make dinner for the whole family and made it clear that I was part of the family.

I was so shocked and so was Mark.The statement was so warm yet cold.I offered to help her with the cooking hoping that we could bond, but she heavily insisted on cooking alone claiming that she raised Mark as a single mum and so she is used to doing everything without help.In less than an hour dinner was ready and Kristen called us all to eat.She offered to serve us and she insisted on serving even after I offered to help.’Let me treat you today my daughter”Kristen said as she reached for my plate.’Thanks” I replied as I thought to myself about how Garvin was the remedy to all the ache Kristen caused me.It must be Garvin I thought to myself.

We finished dinner and said our prayers.I put Garvin to bed and as usual.That night I could not even cuddle because I had bad cramps and no I was not on my menses.I woke Mark up and told him about my pain and he got me pain killers.Kristen offered to cook again and my condition got worse yet everyone else was doing fine.’Sweety, I think your mum is trying to poison me’ I told Mark.Mark was nonchalant at first contrary to what I expected.

‘Baby, I do know you and my mum are not the best of friends,and I love you both’ he said as he looked me straight into my eyes,’however this time round you have taken it too far because you are telling me that my the woman who bore me is a murderer’.Just before I could defend myself, Kristen was done making breakfast and invited us downstairs to eat.Mark led me out of the room and asked me to get that evil thought out of my mind.’My mum is not a murderer, maybe it is your oesophugal reflux that is causing you pain,I will take you to hospital,’ he promised.





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