Can you 4C it?

All hair is beautiful whether kinky or silky.I foresee a future where people will agree with me on this.

The laughter can be heard from yards away by the bypassers as the smoke and hair oil aroma fills the salon.My salonist always laughed every time she blow dried my kinky,jet black hair so as to make it staight and “manageable”.

“Hii nywele yako ndio ya Mwafrika halisi”(you got the real african hair) she said as she struggled to straighten it and for some reason that is just so funny.The other lady who is having a long straight weave being fixed on her beautiful hair laughs too at how hard my hair is.

Many girls have advised me to relax it but that is not my cup of tea.I love my “unmanageable” kinky hair.

I just wonder how many girls love their 4c hair but fail to wear the beautiful hair because they fear that they may not get jobs or be discriminated at the workplace.

She had to straighten her hair to fit in the corporate world.Wait..seriously!You had to check him thrice at the gate of the mall because he has his dreadlocks spruced up?Come on..let people rock their hair no matter the texture.

When she is looking for a job just look at her presentation with an objective perspective.I am not saying that one should go for an interview looking shaggy.”Who even does that?”

I desire to see flight attendants with neatly tied dreadlock buns.CEOs with natural hair paired with their nerdy glasses.Its sad that people lose chances because of just maintaining their nature.Life is too unfair already so including hair texture as an unfairness parameter should not be in the picture.

The extents that ladies are going to just to achieve silky hair in Africa makes the big hair care product companies make a whooping USD 7 billion.This silky hair thing is real I tell you.

I am glad that more people are now “woke”and flaunting their afros more.I can foresee (4c)a significant future.Where the corporate world will just come to agree with nature and realise that it is the work and not the hair texture.Accept that people can be professional and still have their kink intact.

If you relax your 4c hair no worries.We just need to create room for ladies to feel free and style their kinky tresses.For people to style their dreadlocks without people raising eyebrows intertwined with suspicion.

Do not run away from your natural roots so as to fit in or achieve a certain “standard of beauty”.Your kinks and locs are more beautiful than you can imagine.

Enjoy your kinky hair and be proud.

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