The Future Is….

Who else believes that the world is square shaped as opposed to the traditional spherical shape that we are all used to?

Wait why do I even care when there are far much important things to think of. Things like the future,wildlife,world peace,economy etc.My interest lies in the future.

The future is FEMALE! Horaaay and cheers to; Beyonce,Chimamanda,Benazir,Sirleaf Johnson the list is endless.These ladies have paved ways and shaken the world to a certain magnitude just to show that an empowered woman is unstoppable and so women in the future won’t struggle with so much labeling and stereotyping that women in the past generation had to deal with.

But before we get lost in the course of empowering the girl,lets appreciate the people who empower these girls and nurture them into great women.

I know you are now rolling your eyes and mumbling “when will fathers ever be appreciated?”because you think I shall say “lets applaud their mothers” but you are wrong.

Shout out to all the fathers who work hard so as to educate their children, feed them and clothe them.To all the fathers that nuture their children and sometimes turn out to seem”overprotective.”Those fathers who only drink tusker and eat “nyama choma”after they ensure that their families are comfortable.

Do I need to tell you who nurtured Beyonce’s career and set it off the ground? I mean Harvard business students study Beyonce’s work ethic as a unit (just incase you didnt know..FYI).Do I need to tell you who believed in and supported Tinashe until she succeeded in her musical career?Do you know who moulded Ivanca Trump into a succesful business mogul?While she was a board room judge at one of my favorite TV shows while growing up (The Apprentice).Need I tell you?

If you are an awesome dad, you might feel neglected because most of the men are messing up ( no shade intended).Instead of feeling neglected stand up and be proud.

For those that have great fathers, be kind enough to express gratitude and honor to them. They deserve it.Don’t they?

Beyonce # daddy lessons!!

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