Cruel Dancing Queen

I am the type of girl who prefers a good book and some caramel yogurt laced with diced apples on a typical Saturday night.

But sometimes I just spruce myself up,pregame and hit the road to join a bunch of revellers to “enjoy myself”in a discothèque or club or whatever you want to call it.

These “sometimes” are usually combined with thoughts such as “I cannot waste my best boob and ass years in the house” or you got to “vunja mifupa kama meno bado iko” beating up my typical homebody conservative self.Seeing me out on a Saturday night in the month of February probably means I talked myself into it for a long long time.December maybe.Lol.

So for all the “sometimes” I have been to the club,there is something that I always observe in the midst of all that frenzy.I think youre wondering how I get to “OBSERVE” oh well its because I dont drink.Yup ,I said it I got no alcohol in my system but I have no problem with the social drinkers.

Here comes my observation; there are some ladies or girls who go out with their partners so as to punish them.They persuade their partners to join them only to bore them.I really feel for these guys who have two left feet or guys who are just not into dancing.

She hits the dance floor and leaves her man behind on purpose.She is an irresistible dancer and before her man knows it boom!the dancing queen is lost in the midst of a crowd of thirsty men who want to “boogy down”with her.

The man who accompanied the “lady of the hour”looks embarassed and confused as he scatters the crowd to get her “jewel” either gets into a fight with his fellow contestants or curls up and furiously waits for the “love of his life” to finish the business of rubbing it in his face that he is either a “poor dancer” or she can do whatever the heck she wants right under his nose.

This lady just steps back and enjoys when his embarassed boyfriend or husband fights. I honestly do not know if her esteem goes up a notch if guys are “fighting over her” or what.(I roll my eyes) and sip my mocktail some more.(Sis you got to stop).I feel like starting a popcorn business now because everyone including the dancing queen is watching.

A duel in a club as gruesome as it can get and some people have lost lives due to such.So ,you fueling one should not be something to boast about let alone brag about the next day like “Imagine hao maboy walinifightia”(imagine those guys fought over me).

Uum if you wanna go out with him just have fun and set the drama aside.Even if you got Beyonce moves dance with your “two left feet man” because nobody really cares anyway.Let him and all the other revellers enjoy their time instead of having beer bottles being thrown around like tantrums.

Tag a cruel dancing queen!

Serving you godess vibes with a cute outfit to match!Enjoy your day my awesome readers.Lots of love.

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