Malkia was enjoying her afternoon siesta before her boss just entered the office from nowhere.She received the lashing of her life and resumed to her normal work, typing at the office.The boss was always hard on her and her co-workers but they were all used to it and laughed at times after he displayed his tantrums and patiently waited for their salaries at the end of the month.

The boss, Mr. Mwajuma was always bothersome, a total choleric to the core.He almost picked on anyone and everyone but he liked to pick on Malkia in particular.He would lash and afterwards comment “especially you Malkia’ and every time the workers were lashed at and they were going home in the favorite ‘ matatus'(public means of transport in Kenya) they would just say their favorite phrase “especially you Malkia” and laughed at it.At least it made them feel better after a long day of working and constant shouting from their boss.

It was the end of the year and as expected all the workers got dressed in their best outfits to suit the occasion.They were to have a meeting and afterwards enjoy a gala night.During the meeting,Malkia took out her red notebook and jotted down what Mr. Mwajuma was telling them during the meeting and none of the co-workers did the same.Whenever Mr. Mwajuma was presenting policies towards them, she went ahead to give suggestions of how to enhance the policy’s efficiency. She was quite fearless in expressing her views and in most circumstances her suggestions if applied, worked.

These are the things that made Mr. Mwajuma really hate Malkia. Her vibrance, her fearlessness,her ability to project ideas without being imposing and manipulative. Malkia did not succumb to Mr.Mwajumas gaslighting techniques that he applied everytime he felt that Malkia was stealing his show and was just doing it all right.How could she?She is just but a woman. Those were the things that always went through his chauvanistic mind and every time Malkia seemed not to succumb to the pressure of being controlled,her co-workers admired her whilst her boss was more enraged.

Malkia was once a fragile little girl and now that she has hit forty five years old running a multi million dollar fitness clothing company and she shared her letter that she wrote to herself when she was only twenty two years before she left her workplace at Mr. Mwajumas company and started her own business.

Dear Malkia,

You are young and vibrant now.Fearless, hardworking and honest and you are doing well.Two years ago,you made  a decision that changed your life for the better.You are now not a magnet of toxic people in your life,you cannot entertain any kind of manipulation from whoever men and women alike.I am so proud of you because you can now stand up for yourself and the paradigm of a doormat can not match who you are now. You should be nice but not too nice.Always remember that you are working towards your alpha woman and nobody should stop you.Remember that once you build an army,  you should get ready for an opposition.Learn that you encounter no failures, only lessons.You can be everything you conceive in your mind.

Living by this letter just made Malkia an awesome lady and not so many liked her especially the control freaks. She just believed in herself and owned her story.She become choosy with the people who she let in her space just like a slay queen is choosy with her snap chat selfies.Ladies,do not be too nice, just be nice.Being too nice attracts a tonne of toxic events for you.Put yourself first at times and take the drivers seat in your own life.Your life is your own party so decide who is the VIP and who is the gate crusher.All the uninvited parties can be thrown out of the party.You are not responsible for anyone’s choices and if they cannot meet your standards just throw them out of your party.

Be a Malkia and just do you.Be the lady that you are meant to be without any apology.Ignore a male chauvunist,a jealous female,a frenemy, an outright hater, a bothersome boss, a cruel mother in-law,a traumatic chilhood, a narcissistic boyfriend and many other obstacles that people are willingly more than ready to throw at women who are striving to do well.If Malkia ‘pleased’ Mr. Mwajuma and stroked his ego now and again as he liked, she would just fail drastically and not achieve her goals.

Listen to the Malkia in you and win.

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