Pleasers and Choosers

Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me and I think they are okay.However,If they do not give me proper credit I will just walk away. Kiara Ndu’ngu is my daughter and I am so proud that I found this statement in her journal last week.She has grown up so fast in the eyes of her father and I.She is the girl with the curved hips and the full pink lips.Her smooth light skin and dark long hair are inherent from his handsome father from the mountain side and the hips to die for are from her mother from the lakeside.She is a true beauty and she might soon be featured in one of this Instagram Pages, the likes of Slay_Queens 254 and garner over one thousand likes but she will not tell me about it.She is a typical millennial and I get it.I will still catch her though.

I remember when Kiara was only three years old.She was quite stubborn and liked things going her way.We could blame the stars because she was born in the month of October on the twenty-eighth day and the Scorpios just love things done their way and they are just naturally stubborn.When I gave birth to Kimani Ndungu and she had to be the big sister, she did not take it so cordially.”Huyu ni nani”(who is this) she asked with a frown and pouted lips.She really did not like the brother at first but now they are getting on well.Maybe we could blame the father because he is quite stubborn too and as they say, an apple does not fall far from the tree.

These are just a few memories of her past life but the juiciest of memories lies with her relationship with her father.They were best friends and they still are.They went go carting,bowling,paint ball shooting,horse riding,golfing and even went to eat out together.When she was six, Ndungu would carry her on his back and take her to the amusement park.When Kiara misbehaved,he beat her up the African style but they still sat down to watch her favorite cartoon afterwards.

Kiara is currently going to be the head girl of her school and she will not let any boy mess with her because her father did a tremendous job in showing her love and discplining her too.She is just sixteen but hey her good parenting is saving her alot of heart breaks.She can easily build great relationships with her peers especially boys including Kimani who was probably her first heartbreak(pun intended).

We are an audience of our daughters inauguration as the school captain of St.Andrews Mutaba, 2030/2031.The auditorium is full of vibrant parents,siblings and the whole school fraternity.’I madam Habesha as the school principal call upon Kiara Ndungu to receive the honors badge of leadership and give a little speech hereafter.”Kiara walked confidently to the podium as the whole crowd cheered and clapped.I could clearly see why she was accorded the post.She walked with her head held high and the school fraternity loved her.

In her speech,my daughter was grateful to thee school and most of all to her family especially her father and I quote “People ask me how I maintain confidence, good grades and most of all how I relate to boys really well.I just tell them that my parents did a good job especially my father because it is scientifically proven that girls get their self-esteem no-less-from their fathers.If a father expresses love and profound interest in her daughter’s life then the girl flourishes and that is why I am this confident today among many other reasons”she concluded.

Now Ndungu is a mini celebrity.Just when the celebration was over and everyone was having a bite or two with some really nice cocktails ,many fathers,male teachers and even male students wanted to interact with him and he was a topic of interest until today.This mini celebrity moment will cost me my sleep today because he will talk about it and his stubborn self wont let me sleep until he talks about it enough.

I am glad that in ten years time, when my daughter will walk down the aisle,she will be happy to be joined with a man who is a total reflection of her wise choice and not a channel of seeking validation or the infamous notion of ‘completion’ in marriage.She will say yes to love,affection,attention,good date outs (coupled with lots of food),vacations,conjugal rights well taken care of and some disagreements that will only bring them closer because there is no love without tragedy.She will not get married to mediocrity because she knows none of it.

Thumbs up Ndungu for raising our daughter in the best manner and kicking out the cold,clueless and distant men from her.She can tell the distinction of men who like her and who love her because you set the precedent for her.She is the total definition of Madonna’s song ,material girl in the first verse no wonder she put it down in her journal.She cannot settle for less.She knows that she is a chooser and the men are the pleasers. You crowned her as the princess and soon she will be a queen in another household.

Kiara and I, love you so much Ndungu.You are the best daddy and the best husband ever.

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  1. Baby
    I looooooovvvvveeeee this
    I always do
    How do I even end up reading you blogs yet I hate long paragraphs 😂
    Keep me going am falling in love with every blog in its own way

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