Melanin II

So there is a Sudanese lady that is breaking the internet currently.Her pictures are on almost every social media platform thanks to her beautiful dark skin.Some people think she would be prettier if she was lighter while others think she is too pretty for her to be a dark skin.

I think the lady is beautiful.She has chosen to be herself in a world that constantly tell girls who they should be.Beauty brands and people attacking beautiful girls just because they are not their light skinned kind of pretty.However,its time for things to change.

Shout out to all the dark skinned beautiful girls and women, the chocolates that your dentists warned you about and the living evidence of the saying ‘black is beautiful’.Keep being their anomaly,keep dripping the melanin,keep lathering your skin in coconut oil instead of visiting the ‘mama mikorogo’ down in River road who will give you the lotions to make you lighter.

Keep being beautiful in your own skin,keep being like Alek ,Bernice Burgos, Lupita  Nyo’ngo,Viola Davies,Akothee and the list is endless.I celebrate these ladies who just love their skin tone and the status as celebrities has not shaken them one bit.

Lets be their talk,lets be their anomaly,lets be the thorn in their flesh,lets be their indifference because we can do it.Listen there is nothing wrong with a dark girl dating a dark guy and beget dark skinned children.There is beauty in complete melanin.

Dear young beautiful dark lady, do not wish for a lighter skin tone instead love that skin that the good Lord endowed you with.

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