There is so much going on.So much on my plate and I can barely handle it.Let me pack my blunt and my poetry book and take a walk in the beach.Maybe I will feel better ,maybe the weed will make me laugh and get me higher than I have ever been before.These thoughts were dancing around her mind as she left the house for the beach which was just fifteen minutes away.This is the story of a beautiful island girl.

Julani is her name.Every time people told her that she was too dark skinned her mother always offered to remind her that one thing and I quote “My daughter, do not listen to these people because the sun loved you more than everyone else and so it kissed you the most and blessed you with all the melanin kiss.’ She smiled but deep down she was not convinced.

The world insisted that she had to be a light skin,she had to be mixed and if she was from Kenya she had to be a ‘rangi ya thao’ .She had to have less melanin in order to meet the worlds standard of beauty.Julani is one of the thousands of ladies who felt the pinch of being called dark as if being dark is a bandage of shame and she should be sad about it.

She went to the beach to journal in her poetry book and let go of the frustration that was within her.She was underrated in a pursuit of a fashion advertisement because she was way too dark as they said.However, that was not the only instance that her skin tone got her into trouble.Her own friends sometimes felt sorry for her because her skin tone was not so appealing.

Julani resolved to change.She decided to rock her big kinky afro hair, flaunt her curves and most of all be comfortable in her skin ,the skin that the world told her not to be proud of.She is now the worst enemy of the bleaching cosmetics all over the world because she is a super model and that by itself is a big motivation not to add to the fact that she holds talk shows that encourage girls to love their dark skin.

Melanin is beautiful. Julani is beautiful and so are you.There is no point of bleaching.There is no point of throwing yourself a pity party.You shall get a boyfriend and you shall wear your bold lipstick.Lets thank Robin Fenti a.k.a Rihanna for her wonderful make up line that  caters for your too much melanin. Fenti beauty cares for every shade even for an albino.

Dark skinned girls may have been shamed,underrated,called ugly, received some insults disguised in compliments(e.g. if only your boobs were lighter, they would be prettier)and the list is endless

It is time to show off your tone unapologetically. Drip melanin and honey without any shame or worry.Love your skin and be sorry for all those who shame you or wish you were lighter.You are the best version of yourself and that is all that maters.Ignore all the internet fetish and do you .Rock your afro  and enjoy being a black girl with a tonne of melanin.



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